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Climbing toys and engaging indoor activities for toddlers full of boundless energy

Has your child got you feeling like a bouncy castle lately?

Congratulations! You are the proud parent of a jumpy kid!

Your little bundle of energy is often found zooming around the house, treating their couch as a launchpad and just generally playing on a higher ground because that is the way they roll!

While it is great to have an active kid who veers away from the screen and spends time in physical play, hopping around trees, jumping on the jungle gym and climbing ladders to go down on slides, it may not always be possible for you to fuel their passion for a good outdoorsy workout. Sometimes the weather is just too bad. Or you are just too occupied to make outdoor playtime happen.

So what do you do then? How do you keep your bundle of energy happy? By getting indoor toys and organising indoor activities of course!

Indoor climbing toys for kids and climbing activities for toddlers are a great way to keep your child entertained, and to help them get their mandated 3 hours of energetic play. Not to mention, it also helps in developing their sixth sense so their movements are coordinated. It is called proprioception, scientifically speaking.

Anyway, without further ado, here is a list of indoor climbing toys for kids that will make playing at home just as fun as playing outside!

  1. Pikler triangle
  2. Like a triangular ladder with steps on each side, these actually come in various sizes so you can pick a size that seems the most age appropriate for your toddler. Make sure the triangle you pick is made of all-natural materials so it ensures safe playtime for your baby.

  3. Climbing arch
  4. This one is shaped like a semi-circle with steps at every interval. Your climbing arch should have a stable base so even if your kid jumps around, the arch should not move due to impact. That will help prevent any injuries. A climbing arch is perfect for kids who are just starting to climb.

  5. Foldable climbers
  6. Or as we like to call them, transformer climbers! These bad boys can be configured in many ways, providing your toddler hours of jumpy fun. While preventing boredom, of course! Kids tend to get bored with the same toy pretty quickly but since a foldable climber can be folded in many ways, innovative play is always an option.

  7. 3-piece of montessori climber set
  8. You have seen them in preschool classrooms, probably, but now it is time for you to get a set home. This neat little set has a pikler triangle, a ramp and a climbing arch as a part of it and is good for some varied fun. Besides, a set means you have a toy that can grow as your toddler grows.

  9. 3-sided climbing triangle
  10. Think of it like a wall climbing toy for kids. Featuring 3 equal sides that you can up turn as you wish, each side offers a different way to climb up such as steps, net ropes and little holes where your kids can put their feet in to get that rock climbing experience. It is a whole lot of fun, trust us!

  11. Monkey bars
  12. Preferably made of natural hypoallergenic wood just like everything else on this list. Monkey bars are like toddler-sized jungle gyms that you can keep in your living room or your child’s nursery whenever they want to play. Make sure the edges are rounded and soft so your child does not get hurt during playtime.

  13. Quaddler bridge
  14. These are quite interesting because of their configuration. Coming with a platform on top where your kid can just sit and chill on a height, they have steps on all four sides allowing your child to climb up easily whenever they feel like.

  15. Wooden slide
  16. Just your simple classic slide with a low profile and compact size so you can easily fit into your house without it occupying too much space. It is a great entertainer when you have got your toddler’s friends home.

  17. Foam climbing sets
  18. Made of soft yet durable foam material, you can use these foamnasiums without worry. They will be soft enough to cushion any falls and are perfect for climbing and tumbling.

  19. Indoor jungle gym
  20. It is foldable. It is versatile. And it is perfect for a quick at-home, hassle-free jump session for your climber kid. The best part though is yet to come, and that is this indoor jungle gym has got everything. From monkey bars and slides to swinging rings, cargo nets and climbing ladders, it is like a mini playground!

  21. Adventure playset
  22. Replete with a 2-tiered platform along with a slide and rounded edges for your toddler’s safety, adventure playsets are a great way to get that outdoor playtime feeling indoors.

  23. Wooden balance board
  24. Best suited for slightly older kids who have already developed a good sense of balance, your semi-circular balance board can be used as a slide, a rocker, a climbing hill and even a ramp! The immense versatility of this toy makes it a must-have, according to us.

  25. Tent and tunnels set
  26. Packing in three tents, three tunnels and a play pit, this tent and tunnel set is your key to ensuring your toddler has hours of fun while you get about your work. Its multiple tunnels and tents will keep your kids occupied in a myriad of ways.

  27. Stepping stones
  28. Made to improve your toddler’s gross motor skills and balance, you can place these stepping stones on the floor for your kids to hop on When not in use, they are pretty easy to stow away.

  29. Rope ladder
  30. What do you do when your toddler cannot climb a tree? You simulate that feeling with tree climbing toys like a rope ladder. It requires the same amount of dexterity as it does to climb a tree. Plus, it is very minimal and hardly occupies any space in your house.

  31. Caterpillar tunnel
  32. Though not exactly a climbing toy, it encourages creativity and movement in your child by allowing them to move the individual pieces of the tunnel around and assemble it however they want to.

  33. Wavy balance beam
  34. Easy to assemble and anti-skid, these balance beams are great for kids to run and jump around on.

  35. Geometric dome
  36. You have seen this one. It looks like a cuboid of sorts made of beams joined together. It is generally quite space consuming so it is good if you have a large basement wor something where you can place it and just let your kids go crazy on it!

  37. Cargo net
  38. You can attach your cargo net to a wall so there is minimal chance of your little one getting entangled in it while trying to get to the top.

  39. DIY rock climbing wall
  40. If you are looking for rock climbing toys for toddlers, we suggest DIYing it! Find an empty wall, get hand and footholds and nail them on the wall with your trusty drill or hammer. Keep the height low so it is safe for your kid to climb on.

How to make your home indoor climbing friendly

Now that you have got all the toys you wanted, it is time to ensure that your house is actually safe for your kids to indulge in climbing activities. You can do that by setting up a dedicated climbing area in your house which is free of any furniture with sharp edges.

Make sure there is plenty of space around the climbing toys so your kids can move freely and the risk of falling on something is minimal. Carpet your floor with a thick rug too so even if your kids hit the ground while climbing, they do not get seriously injured. Lastly, supervise them as they play.

Getting climbing toys for toddlers indoors can be a fun way to keep them occupied on a rainy evening or a cold winter morning when going out is simply not an option. For more such interesting and fun blogs, visit EuroKids.

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