Childcare in the Monsoon Season

Relief from the scorching heat is not the only thing the monsoon brings. It also brings a plethora of illnesses that sees our children in bed for days on end.

There’s no reason, however, to not enjoy the rainy weather or the sweet smell of earth it brings. If you’re looking for monsoon health tips to safeguard your kids from the plethora of airborne diseases that make their presence felt this monsoon, rest assured you will find them here.

Read on for some invaluable tips that will help keep your kids healthy, or plain and simple comfortable, this monsoon season.

Childcare in the Monsoon Season: The Essentials

Here are some of the most pertinent Monsoon Health Tips, to keep your children protected this rainy season.

Keep them active

We believe it when you say you will take them to the park after the rainy season, but what about their fitness now?

To do: Luckily, in today’s world you don’t have to take them to the park to get them up and about. All you have to do is sign up for some virtual gym or yoga lessons, and keep their adrenaline flowing. Even on days when there’s a raging storm outside.

Pay attention to their clothing

At times it’s pouring buckets and at times it’s sunny!

To do: If the daytime gets hot and humid, you might want them to wear soft and light clothing. Similarly, if it gets chilly at night, you want them to put on an extra layer of clothing, with full sleeves. Monsoon Wear for kids is not only limited to what your children wear in the rain.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

How many times in your life have you heard the words ‘balanced diet’?

To do: You have to ensure that you incorporate immunity-boosting foods in your child’s diet, this monsoon. Top of the list are green, leafy vegetables and fresh, seasonal fruits. Besides these, there are several other immunity-boosting sources that can be procured from nature that can be included in their diet. Things like ginger, tulsi, honey, etc.

Keep them warm and dry

If your child is wet, it only increases their susceptibility to infections.

To do: Good Monsoon Wear for kids is an absolute must, in the wet season. When stepping out, children must be encouraged to wear raincoats or carry an umbrella. In case they do happen to get wet, they need to dry themselves and change into dry clothes, as soon as they reach home.

Take Vitamin C for enhanced health

One of the most vital Monsoon safety tips for kids, this one. The Covid pandemic got us well acquainted with the power of Vitamin C, where it comes to keeping our immune systems healthy.

To do: Let them enjoy plenty of citrus fruits that are laced with Vitamin C. Fruits like oranges and lemons. Tip: If getting them to eat fruits is a task, as it is with vegetables, give them Vitamin C-packed smoothies, instead!

Protect them from those pesky mosquitoes

The rains are the perfect breeding season for mosquitoes. This is the time you want to keep your child especially protected from the diseases no parent wants their child to get: Dengue and Malaria.

To do: Get your children to wear loose, full-sleeve clothing as much as they can. This will minimise the risk of those mosquito bites. Now is the time to make use of those mosquito nets while the children sleep, and bring out that mosquito repellent cream, too.

Say a big NO to uncooked food

Letting your child eat street food in the monsoons? Not a good idea!

To do: Forget ‘Street Food’, all outside food should be avoided in the rainy season. The humidity this season brings, makes for the ideal condition for the breeding of bacteria. Ensure that your child eats only fresh, home-cooked food: Note: Food that is more than a day old, should be thrown away, no matter how enticing it seems to your kids.

Maintain Cleanliness

Last but not the least, you must pay attention to the most basic thing of all: cleanliness. Even though it might seem daunting to clean all that pooled water and those muddy floors, it’s something you simply cannot skip.

To do: Washing their hands and feet as soon as they come home is a must. Ensure you clean all floors in your home at least twice a day, in the monsoon. You want to add floor cleaners with antiseptic liquid to the water you use to clean the floor. Note: It’s a good idea to wash your child’s toys at least once a week, too.

Monsoon Activities for Kids

Feeling overburdened by the thought of failing to be protective enough of your children this monsoon season? It needn’t be that way!

Here are some fun monsoon activities for kids that they will absolutely love indulging in.

  • Play Board games. Play classic board games like Pictionary or Ludo with them, and see the bonding that develops between you and your child.

  • Treasure Hunt. Who says treasure is only found outdoors? Hide something in a secure place and have them find the ‘treasure’, with some clues on pieces of paper placed around the house.

  • The Game of Whispers. All people, big and small, sit in a circle. One person whispers a message in the ear of a person next to him. The message must go round the circle. If the last person utters the message in its original form, the team wins.

  • MasterChef for a day. Kids are fascinated with cooking. Why not let them don those MasterChef hats and get busy whipping up something great in the kitchen? Tip: A little assistance from you here, will go a long way!

We at EuroKids, know just how especially vulnerable children are, to falling sick in the rainy season. We urge you to follow all the tips enlisted here, and keep them indoors as much as possible this monsoon, to keep them happy and healthy.

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