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Challenging ‘Would You Rather’ Queries for Children

Remember spending countless summer vacation days playing ‘would you rather’ with your best friend? It was just so much fun to pick a side between the devil and the deep blue sea! Hours would go by and you would never realise where all the time went.

Well, nostalgia trip aside, ‘would you rather’ can be a great game for you and your kids to play too! It is still as fun, relevant and challenging as it used to be. And can be a great way to test and develop the critical analytical skills of your child!

Without further ado, here’s a list of would you rather questions for kids. Have fun!

  1. Would you rather live as a child forever with your parents, or grow up instantly and get your own place?
  2. Would you rather always arrive way before time, or always be way too late?
  3. Would you rather time-travel to the past , or the future?
  4. Would you rather surf atop a giant wave, or scuba dive to the heart of the ocean?
  5. Would you rather put up a solo dance show for your entire school, or skip desserts for a month?
  6. Would you rather have 8 siblings, or be an only child?
  7. Would you rather be born a 100-years old, or live as a 1-year old forever?
  8. Would you rather drink hot water forever, or have a cold shower for the rest of your life?
  9. Be alone on a deserted island, or be crammed in a room with 20 people forever? What would you rather do?
  10. Would you rather skip Christmas, or your birthday for 5 years straight?
  11. Would you rather live among aliens, or fight a zombie attack?
  12. Would you rather go to a new school everyday, or be taught the same subject forever?
  13. If you had a robot, what would you rather do? Make it do your homework, or make it do your chores?
  14. Where would you rather spend a night? In a haunted house, or in an open and empty desert?
  15. Would you rather change cities every year, or live in the same city forever?
  16. Would you rather have unlimited supply of video games, or unlimited supply of chocolates and candies?
  17. Would you rather give up t-shirts, or pants for life?
  18. Would you rather wear your gloves on your feet, or your shoes on your hands?
  19. Would you rather sleep on the moon, or on a big white cloud?
  20. Would you rather give up vacations, or the festivals you celebrate?
  21. This is an interesting ‘would you rather’ question for kids. Would you rather give up your favourite cartoon, or your favourite dish?
  22. Would you rather get a 100 rupees daily, or 1 million rupees right here, right now?
  23. Would you rather be a Disney star, or have a YouTube gaming channel?
  24. Which would you rather keep as a pet? A snake, or a spider?
  25. Which would you want to eliminate forever from the world? Mosquito bites, or bird droppings?
  26. Would you rather be a dolphin, or a shark?
  27. Would you rather mice fall from the sky, or an army of cockroaches?
  28. This is one of the deep would you rather questions. Would you rather lose a leg, lose an arm?
  29. Would you rather be able to fly, or be invisible? Both are not an option!
  30. Would you rather have giant elephant teeth, or a big bushy tail?
  31. Which would you rather have for breakfast everyday? Maple syrup or tomato ketchup?
  32. Would you rather whisper forever or always yell?
  33. Would you rather always lose at your favourite game, or never get the chance to play it again?
  34. Would you rather be able to talk to animals, or know how to read all of the world’s languages?
  35. Would you rather be a top scoring student, or athlete in your school?
  36. Would you rather have an in-built lie detector, or get away with lying? A deep ‘would you rather’ question, is it not?
  37. Would you rather use somebody else’s towel, or toothbrush?
  38. Would you rather be Superman or Batman?
  39. Would you rather lose the ability to ride your bike, or the ability to take a swim?
  40. Would you rather see the world only in black and white, or lose your sense of smell completely?
  41. Which one would you rather be? An ogre, or a smurf?

Would you rather quizzes are an amazing way to check how smartly your child can adapt in any given situation. Intelligent kids in particular are quick to share as well as justify their choices, giving you a chance to marvel at their sharpness and quick-wittedness. At EuroKids, we try our best to tap into the potential of each child through engaging activities such as would you rather quizzes (among many others), thus harnessing the power of their intelligence. Visit us to know more!

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