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Boosting your confidence as you drop your child off at preschool for the first time: 7 helpful strategies

How do you let the most crucial piece of your heart go? Is there not another way? Perhaps home-schooling? Would that be so bad? How would your baby feel spending hours away from you everyday? You have been spending 24×7 together since they were born!

First time parents, thoughts and questions like these are only natural as you send your baby off to preschool for the first time! There is bound to be some excitement mixed with anxiety. Excitement because they have finally come to the milestone of joining school. And anxiety because how will they fare in school on their own without you?

That sort of underconfidence can quickly get you nervous but there is a way to beat that, dear parents! These 7 ways will show you how you can do just that!

  1. Research your preschool thoroughly
  2. Parent separation anxiety from a child only heightens when you do not know much about the preschool your kid is supposed to go to. This lack of knowledge can make you wonder whether the school environs are safe enough for your baby. Furthermore, if the school’s values and principles do not align with yours, it could be trouble later on.

    So our suggestion is, read up about the preschools you have shortlisted as much as you can. Go through their website, thoroughly scan the brochures, leaflets and pamphlets they have given you and find out what the school’s beliefs, policies and philosophies are.

    If they align with your own and you feel confident that the school is the perfect fit for your baby, your anxiety will reduce in half.

  3. Meet the staff of the preschool
  4. If you want to know the secret to how to handle the first day of kindergarten or  preschool, this is it. When you meet the staff of your baby’s preschool before the joining date, you get to know the people who will be taking care of your child during school hours better.

    This simple act of meeting them beforehand can help you gauge how you feel about the teaching staff. If you feel good after this meeting, you can confidently leave your child at preschool knowing they will be in safe hands. However, if you do not get the best feeling from the staff, or if they refuse to meet you, maybe look for another preschool.

  5. Try to pick the same preschool for your second child
  6. Especially if you had a very good experience with the preschool when your first child attended it. Because parent separation anxiety from child can happen in the cases of second children too. So it bodes well if you send them to a preschool you already know will do a pretty good job at taking care of your kids and teaching them all the right things.

    However, each child’s personality is different, and if your child throws a big tantrum while attending preschool, you are bound to feel a little anxious. Convey that to the preschool and see how they handle it. If you think they do not have what it takes, considering a different preschool is okay.

  7. Interview other parents
  8. The best way to know about a preschool’s reputation is to interview other parents who have sent their kids to the same preschool. Not only will they be able to give you tips on how to handle the first day of preschool, but they will also be able to give you valuable insight into how your chosen preschool actually functions.

    Ask them questions like these so you get a fair idea of your chosen preschool:

  • How was your and your child’s experience at this preschool?
  • What did you like about it?
  • What did you dislike about it?
  • How was the behaviour of the staff?
  • How long did it take for your child to settle into this preschool?
  • Would you recommend this preschool? Explain why or why not.

Knowing the answers to these questions will make you feel more confident about your chosen preschool, thus reducing anxiety.

  1. Discuss all your concerns with the preschool
  2. Make sure you do this before the first day of preschool. Preferably on the same day you plan on going to meet the staff. Bringing up issues after your kid has joined their preschool might not work out in the best way possible for everybody concerned.

    Letting the staff know about the cause of your anxiety will help them assist you better. They can help calm your nerves and ease your doubts about separation anxiety. Let the preschool know if your child has any medical issues that require special assistance. Knowing your chosen preschool is well-equipped to handle your child can resolve your concern of how to build confidence in yourself regarding this big day.

  3. Prepare yourself
  4. If you ask us, the answer to how to build confidence in yourself concerning this major milestone lies in preparing. Preparing yourself and your kid for the first day of preschool will help you calm down because you know you would have taken any practical steps necessary to ensure everything goes smoothly.

    Get all the school supplies – from backpack to lunchbox, water bottle and beyond. Get your kid’s uniform if the school has one. Familiarise your child with a school day timetable before school begins so they can develop a routine without fussing. And talk to your kids about what school is going to be like. That should make the transition easier for you and your kids.

  5. Trust yourself
  6. You have done everything you could to pick out the best preschool for your child. Now have faith in your choice, in yourself. Because nobody will do as much as you do to ensure the wellbeing of your kids. Do not second-guess yourself too much. If your gut feels good about the preschool you have chosen for your baby, everything is bound to go well. The good vibes you feel in your gut are all you need to feel confident about your child’s first day at preschool.

Preschool can be a big transition for you, and for your child. Which means the onus is on you to ensure your child gets access to the best preschool education so they can have a solid learning foundation before they join kindergarten in a big school. That is why choosing a good preschool like EuroKids is so important! We have everything it takes to ensure your child learns and grows in a safe and nurturing environment that also is super fun! Visit us to kn

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