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Beyond Vitamin A: Carrots and their Importance for Children

‘Eat your Greens!’

How many times do you remember yelling that out loud to your kids, in an attempt to get them to eat healthy? Have you ever considered that the grass might be ‘greener’ on the other side? Even if that means it is ‘Orange’?

It’s true. In our overarching ambition to get our children to eat right, we often forget they need to eat the other ‘colors’ of the rainbow, too. Colours like ‘yellow’ and ‘red’ and for the purposes of this article, ‘Orange’! In this article, you will learn all about the Benefits of Carrots, and how Carrot Nutrition can go a long way in ensuring your child’s diet is fortified with plenty of nutrients. Yes we all know that eating Carrots is good for our eyes, but this blog post will help you discover other cool facts about this exotic veggie, like How Many Calories there are in One Carrot!

Ready to know all about the Benefits of Carrots? Get started, by taking a deep dive into our exquisite spotlight on the Nutritional Value of Carrots, and learn how the Benefits of Carrots far exceed merely ‘boosting your child’s eyesight’!

Table of Contents:

Carrot Nutrition: The Nutritional Value of Carrots

Want to know why Carrots need to be an integral part of your child’s diet? Read on, to learn about the ingredients that make this veggie a Powerhouse of Nutrients!

  1. Laced with Beta-Carotene
  2. When we speak of an ingredient that’s critical for good health and abundantly found in the carrot, it’s this one.

  3. Packed with essential Minerals
  4. Manganese, calcium, iron and phosphorus – this humble root vegetable has them all!

  5. Fortified with Vitamins
  6. Carrots are packed with vitamins A, K and C, as well as B-vitamins.

  7. They contain Falcarinol
  8. In an age that sees an increased number of cancer cases, this one’s a relief. This wonderful antioxidant is even believed to stave off some malignancies.

Uses of Carrots: The Benefits of Carrots for Kids’ Health

In this section we have outlined all the wonderful Benefits of Carrots, that will make you get your children to eat them like Rabbits! Read on, for all there is to know about Carrot Nutrition!

  1. Ultimate Vision Booster(
  2. Yes we all know that eating carrots is good for our child’s eyesight, but do we even know ‘why’?

    Cool Fact: It’s actually the ‘beta-carotene’ in carrots, that is metabolized in the liver to produce vitamin A. That is responsible for this, one of the most popular Benefits of Carrots.

  3. Great for Healthy Skin
  4. Are things like ‘eczema’ and ‘psoriasis’ plaguing your child’s skin? You might want to get them to eat carrots!

    Cool Fact: The antioxidants along with that vitamin A, are responsible for safeguarding the skin from unpleasant conditions.

    Bonus Fact: A carrot-rich diet is also believed to reverse the process of aging!

  5. A great choice for a Low-Cal Diet
  6. Keeping obesity at bay is one of the prime reasons we get our children to eat right. Carrots are a great low-calorie option, in this regard.

    Cool Fact: The calories in one medium-sized carrot are only 25!

  7. Great for boosting Immunity
  8. Post the pandemic, we have all become more aware of the dangers of falling prey to unwanted infections. One thing we can do best in this regard is to strengthen our Immunity.

    Cool Fact: One of the cool Uses of Carrot, lies in its acting as an immunity-booster. This is because of its high content of Vitamin B6.

  9. They help regulate Blood Sugar
  10. Carrots are packed with a decent amount of dietary fiber, that is responsible for regulating blood sugar.

    Cool Fact: Carrots are also ranked relatively low on the Glycemic Index (GI) scale, which is a contributing factor for the regulation of blood sugar.

  11. Great for Deworming
  12. Remember when you were a child, and there were repeated references to the possibility of ‘worms’ in your system? Luckily, eating carrots can aid greatly in deworming our kids!

    Cool Fact: Yet again, it’s that ‘beta-carotene’ that comes to the rescue. In this instance, with its ability to destroy intestinal worms.

  13. Great for the Gut
  14. There’s a growing body of evidence these days that shows that gut health is central to our overall sense of well-being. Carrot Nutrition, to this effect, certainly makes a statement!

    Cool Fact: It’s the ‘carotenoids’ in carrots, along with that ‘fiber’, that are great for boosting gut health.

    Bonus Fact: It is believed that carotenoids can also help prevent colon cancer.

  15. Carrots for Dental Health
  16. Did you know that carrots can actually help you clean your teeth? It’s true! Not only can they remove that unwanted plaque, they can also keep bad breath away. Besides this, they also contain ‘calcium’ that is great for overall dental health.

    Cool Fact: There are some people who actually eat carrots post their meals, for this very reason!

Aside from the numerous Benefits of Carrots that have been enlisted in this article, you can add to that the fact that carrots can be added to the diet in several ways. Not able to get your children to eat ‘diced carrots’? In that case you might want your cook to whip up some delicious ‘gajar ka halwa’ for them! In any case, get your stock of Carrots today itself, to ensure sound nutritional health for your Kids.


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