Best Preschools In Chennai: EuroKids International Preschool

Best Pre schools In Chennai

EuroKids has been one of the forerunners in imparting quality education in Chennai. Through its child first approach, EuroKids preschools have been able to carve out a distinct space in the hearts of parents in Chennai.

What makes EuroKids the best preschool in Chennai?

EuroKids takes the child’s mental and physical development at its very core. The philosophy behind the class room is based on three main principles. Parents are educated regarding the cognitive and emotional development of their child. In addition to this, they are also educated regarding the growth of the child’s motor skills. With this knowledge and expertise, the teaching and learning methodology is based on various themes for the different age group and setting. EuroKids also has a large number of training initiatives. The students at Eurokids go through training that is conducted to make them aware of all the necessary aspects of a good quality education. EuroKids also has a well thought out and diverse curriculum. They have a host of thematic activities.

Why should you choose EuroKids as your child’s school?

There are multiple reasons why parents should choose EuroKids as their preschool. Firstly, EuroKids has been completely dedicated towards creating a healthy, safe, and stimulating learning environment for your child. The curriculum that the preschool follows is child-focused and an integral part of your child’s health and well-being. EuroKids preschools have a strong focus on ‘Joy’ and they encourage their students to express their ‘Joy’ by actively engaging them in creativity, play and learning. Children learn best when they are joyfully engaged and engaged. This is the reason that EuroKids preschools has been identified as one of the ‘Best Play Schools’ in Chennai by the NDTV Parent Pick.

How does EuroKids differentiate from other preschools?

From conceptualization to execution, from technology to interiors, EuroKids has nailed it in the first 100 days. It is a leading name in education in the city and it has come a long way in setting new standards for early childhood education. It is a member of IICN and is accredited by NCQA. EuroKids was established with the aim to make learning a fun and an enjoyable experience for children. It believes that a learning atmosphere is conducive to creativity and understanding. The emphasis is on child-centred learning, where children play a vital role in making the learning experience truly engaging and fun. EuroKids does not believe in corporal punishment or rewards, as they make learning expensive and inconvenient.

Why should you enroll your child at EuroKids?

EuroKids International has a special curriculum for preschoolers. It helps your child in her pre-literacy, numeracy, art, physical development, music and so much more. They have been successfully running the preschool program for children from less than 1 year to above 6 years old. Moreover, it has also been able to impart some great developmental skills in kids. You will certainly love the strong impact EuroKids has made in your kid’s life. It is basically pre-primary program that helps in teaching the child how to play, express, and learn. Thus your child would be ready for the first grade in the school. EuroKids has really good infrastructure. It is a beautiful, well-equipped, and air conditioned preschool. You can find kids playing all the time there.


The role of a school has only grown as the kids enter into the world of education. The cements that the school have been able to make for the young ones help them grow into an equally responsible adult.

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