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Best Christmas Crafts Kids Can Easily Make

Christmas is a magical time of the year. It is a time when people from all around the globe come together to celebrate this festive season with joy, happiness, and the spirit of giving. It is a time when kids get their holidays and get to spend quality time with family. This Christmas season, engage your kids in activities that will make their time joyous and fulfilling. Christmas crafts for kids is a fun way to have an enriching time. In this article, we will explore various Christmas crafts for kids.

Christmas trees are an integral part of Christmas art and crafts. We will explore how to use this important symbolism in the festivities through the introduction of Christmas tree crafts for kids.

Christmas tree crafts for kids:

  1. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree:
  2. Materials needed: Popsicle sticks, colours, colourful buttons, glue, and a yellow star for the top.
    Instructions: Allow the kids to colour the popsicle sticks green. Help them glue the popsicle sticks into a christmas tree pattern. Let them decorate the popsicle tree with colourful buttons. They can also cut out a yellow star with paper and stick it to the top of the tree. Voila! Your Christmas tree is ready in no time with so much fun and engagement!

  3. Handprint Christmas Tree:
  4. Materials needed: Paint (green and brown), a large sheet of paper, colourful stickers, and colourful buttons.
    Instructions: Paint your kid’s hand with green paint and make a handprint on the large sheet of paper. Use brown paint to create the tree trunk. Allow your kids to decorate the tree with colourful stickers and buttons.

  5. Clothespin Christmas Trees:
  6. Materials needed: Clothespins, cardboard, scissors, glue, glitters, buttons, or any craft supply you have on hand!
    Instructions: Help in cutting the cardboard into tree shapes with a pair of scissors. Use the clothespins to make the trunk. Let the kids cover the cardboard with different craft items like glitters, pom poms, buttons, etc., and make it colourful and vibrant.

Easy Christmas crafts for kids:

  1. Paper Plate Santa Claus:
  2. Materials needed: Paper plates, cotton balls, red and white construction paper, markers, and glue.
    Instructions: Cut a paper plate in half. Use the bottom half to create Santa’s face. Add cotton balls for his beard. Use construction paper for his hat and nose. Help them draw their eyes and mouth. Lo and behold! You have your own Santa Claus ready.

  3. Handprint Reindeer Ornaments
  4. Materials needed: Brown paint, googly eyes, red pom poms, ribbon, and plain paper.
    Instructions: Paint your kid’s palm and fingers with brown paint. Press it onto the plain paper to create the imprint. Add googly eyes for the eyes, red pom pom for the nose, and a ribbon to hang it.

  5. Fingerprint Christmas Lights Card:
  6. Materials needed: Paint, christmas lights/bulbs with a string, coloured paper, and sketch pens or colourful pens, paperclips.
    Instructions: Dip your kid’s fingers in paint and create fingerprints on the bulbs. Write a heartfelt message or numerous messages along the string by putting the messages with paperclips. The personalised lights will light up your Christmas night.

  7. Salt Dough Ornaments:
  8. Materials needed: Flour, salt, water, cookie cutters, and acrylic paints.
    Instructions: Mix two cups of flour, one cup of salt, and one cup of water to create a salt dough. Roll it out, cut them into different shapes with the cookie cutters, and let them dry. Afterwards, let your kid paint the ornaments in various colours.

  9. Sock Snowmen:
  10. Materials needed: White socks, rice, rubber bands, markers, and buttons.
    Instructions:Fill the socks with rice and tie off the top of the socks with rubber bands. Get creative and make your own snowmen by using buttons for eyes and mouth, and markers for the nose and scarf.

  11. Pine Cone Ornaments:
  12. Materials needed: Pine cones, paint, and ribbons.
    Instructions: Allow your kids to colour the pine cones with different colours. Let them dry. After they have dried, tie a ribbon on them and use them as ornaments to put on a Christmas tree.

  13. Candy Cane Reindeer:
  14. Materials needed: Candy canes, googly eyes, red pom poms, brown pipe cleaners, and glue.
    Instructions: Attach googly eyes and a red pom pom on the curved part of a candy cane to make the reindeer’s face. Then twist a brown pipe cleaner into antlers and glue them on top.

  15. Paper Plate Wreaths:
  16. Materials needed: Paper plates, green paint, and assorted decorative items like pom-poms, sequins, and stickers.
    Instructions: Allow your kids to paint the paper plate green. Let them decorate the entire paper plate with assorted decorative items in their own patterns to create a personalised paper plate wreath ready for Christmas! It is a fun Christmas crafts for kids.

  17. Jingle Bell Bracelets:
  18. Materials needed: Tiny jingle bells and colourful pipe cleaners.
    Instructions: Thread the tiny jingle bells into colourful pipe cleaners to create a festive bracelet that your kids can wear during the season. It is another fun Christmas crafts for kids to feel proud of.

  19. Felt Stockings:
  20. Materials needed: Felt sheets, fabric glue, scissors, and decorative items like pom-poms and sequins.
    Instructions: Cut out stockings shapes from the felt sheets. Let your kids decorate them with various embellishments using fabric glue.

Christmas craft ideas for kids is a way to ensure that the kids have a time of their lives this festive season, creating and decorating items while enjoying the stories behind the popular symbols in the spirit of Christmas. As parents and caregivers, you can indulge them in the significance of the symbols used in this article through the means of storytelling while they prepare the props for Christmas to brighten up your home. Christmas craft ideas for kids is an amazing way to involve them in creativity while you celebrate and laugh together this magical time of the year. So this Christmas season, clear out some space, get involved with your kids in some DIY crafts for kids, and celebrate delightfully.

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