Playschool Palooza! Fun & Exciting Preschool Activities for Kids 

‘Play Is The Highest Form Of Research’ – Albert Einstein

Einstein couldn’t have said it better. Through constructive play, children can learn without any of the pressure that comes later in life.

All that is needed is to disguise learning with loads of fun and you have children scampering for more! Bookmark this page for a rainy day so you always have something to fall back on, to spark your budding Einstein’s intellect.

11  Best Preschool Games for Kids

Here are some cool games to keep your play-schooler busy.

  1. Connect the dots, but with letters
  2. That’s right. All your child has to do is connect, say, the ‘g’s that are drawn alongside a multitude of other letters, to earn a pat on the back! It is one of the amusing play school activities for kids.

  3. Match the Rhyming Word
  4. Shown a list of words, the child has to identify the word called out (eg. Snake). The words are dictated by a narrator to enforce auditory reinforcement. It is one of the joyful play school activities for kids.

  5. Broken telephone
  6. Children on a playdate sit in a circle and the sentence you say (only a few words of course) must be transmitted intact from the first avid listener to the last. This game’s great for honing listening as well as social skills. It is one of the fun play school activities for kids.

  7. Bowling with plastic bottles
  8. Can’t go to the mall? Try bowling at home instead! A few empty plastic bottles and a ball are all you need.

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  9. Paper plate ring toss (h3_
  10. Again, one doesn’t need to go to the fair to indulge in this delightful game of skill.

    Crafts for preschool

    Crafts are a great outlet for creative exploration and developing cognitive skills. Here are some fun preschool activities using crafts.

    Did you know activities for preschool kids help parents and teachers understand their childrens’ true potential?

  11. Painted Leaves
  12. What you need: some leaves handpicked from your garden or locality. How to do it: Have you child paint several leaves and make a collage of them. One of the fun crafts for preschool!

  13. Paper Plate rainbow
  14. What you need: a paper plate and some non-toxic crayons.

    How to do it: Cut the paper plate into an arch and have your child paint the colours of the rainbow on it.

    Bonus points for glueing cotton at the bottom to resemble clouds

  15. Straw bead necklace
  16. What you need: different-coloured straws and plenty of string.

    How to do it: Cut different-coloured straws into sections that a string passes through to make a wonderful necklace. Great for colour recognition.

  17. Paper Turtle
  18. What you need: Paper plates and cardboard.

    How to do it: Paste cardboard legs and face of the ‘turtle’ to its main body, the paper plate. Have your child go wild painting it.

  19. Button Fish
  20. What you need: buttons and cardboard.

    How to do it: Cut the shape of a fish out of cardboard and paste buttons of various colours on it.

  21. Make a bird house with ice cream sticks
  22. What you need: ice cream sticks (plenty of ice cream to be eaten, yes!) and cardboard.

    How to do it: Use cardboard for supporting the ice cream sticks that form the bird house outline and create cut-outs of tiny ‘birds’ that come and visit the house.

Did you know that activities for preschool kids improves their psychological, social and intellectual abilities?

16 Amazing Preschool Classroom Games

Who says being in class is boring? Here are some games that will set the classroom alive!

  1. Copy dance
  2. Really as simple as it sounds. One child dances, while the others copy their moves. One of the best preschool activities.

  3. Simon Says
  4. This classic game never goes out of style. Say ‘Simon says jump like monkeys’, and watch the kids squeal with delight. A great way for kids to learn to pay close attention to instructions, and comprehend the meaning of leadership.

  5. Red light, green light
  6. The harmless version of the dangerous opening game in ‘Squid Games’, this one will help your child harness fine gross motor skills. The teacher stands at the front of the classroom and the children move fast towards him or her at the utterance of ‘Green Light’, and freeze at ‘Red Light’. The first person to touch the teacher wins. One of the more fun preschool classroom games!

  7. Freeze dance
  8. Yet another one of the coolest preschool activities. Play a favourite song and have the children freeze when it stops. Repeat. It is one of the fun preschool activities for kids.

  9. Musical chairs
  10. Have children scrambling to not be the ‘only one standing’ when the music stops. Great in teaching patience. Musical chairs must be tried as it is one of the amusing preschool activities for kids.

  11. Story Time Clap game
  12. Tell a story and have children clap whenever they hear a particular word. A great way to boost sound recognition and language development.

  13. Touch and Feel box
  14. Pass a bog of items with unusual textures around. After everyone has felt what’s inside, see who can identify ‘what’s in the bag’!

7 Exciting Preschool Activities for Kids

Here are some preschool activities that hit the sweet spot!

  1. Play dough
  2. Give them some play dough and watch them unleash their creativity. One of the tried and tested activities for preschoolers!

  3. Scavenger hunts
  4. Make a list of things to find. This game will boost the memory of your young Sherlock Holmes! One of the preschool activities that are a cut apart from the others.

  5. Yoga
  6. Start them young, with the simplest of yoga poses. Great for fitness, of body and mind! Yoga is also one of the healthiest preschool activities for kids.

  7. Create a cup tower
  8. With paper cups, have your child create the largest possible tower. Before it topples, of course! One of the better preschool activities for boosting critical thinking and problem solving skills and is one of the fun preschool activities for kids.

  9. Ice cube painting
  10. Add liquid food colouring to water in ice cube trays, for some colourful fun! Great to improve the sensory skills of preschoolers.It is also one of the fun preschool activities for kids.

    Bonus: Talking about the basic science of water freezing.

    Did you know that playschool activities for kids improves their social skills to build good relationships?

  11. Make an obstacle course
  12. Ensure the obstacles are things that won’t hurt your child. Wonderful to improve your child’s coordination skills.

  13. Preschool Activities for Reading
  14. There are several preschool activities for reading that your child will love. Like the following.

    Letter Bingo. All you have to do here, is make bingo cards with the 16 letters of the alphabet, not numbers!

    Read Aloud Everyday. Even if it’s for fifteen minutes a day, reading stories to them daily will help nurture their creativity.

  15. Create a Letter Parking Lot
  16. On a flat cardboard surface, draw a letter parking lot with ’26 parking spaces.’ Then label some toy cars with random letters, and have your child drive the cars into the ‘corresponding’ parking spaces.

  17. Make a Book
  18. All you have to do is get them a writing space, a pen and some markers. Then let them use their imagination to create their very first book, that includes images, too!

  19. 10.Play Kick the Cup
  20. Label cups with letters, and place them on the floor. Using a ball, your child must proceed to kick a cup. They must then pick up the fallen cup, and recite the letter on it.

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  21. 11.Practice Rhyming with Blocks
  22. Plaster images of rhyming words on same-coloured blocks. Then let you kids go wild, as they attempt to say those words.

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  23. 12.Preschool Activities for Math
  24. Maths can be fun, too! Like with the following activities.

    Counting Fun. Get them to count everyday objects. Like the number of buttons on their shirt!
    Count Patterns and Numbers with Bears. Counting Bear Pattern Cards make for a great way to honing those matching, sorting and even counting skills. All with those cute little ‘bears’, of course!
    Use counting mats. Give your child a counting mat and many small objects. The objective for your child is to identify the number of dots on the mat, and then assemble the correct number of objects and match them with that number of dots.

  25. 13.Sort Pom-Poms
  26. Place differently coloured soft pom-poms in a large bowl. Your child has to sort the same-coloured pom-poms by placing them in one of the smaller, empty bowls placed next to the large bowl. It is one of the fun preschool activities for kids.

  27. 14.Learn symmetry with LEGO bricks
  28. Children have to use Lego pieces to create structures that are ‘the other half’ of the structures displayed on Building Block Symmetry Cards.

  29. 15.Practice Geometry with Popsicle Sticks
  30. There are several cool 3D models that you can help your kids create, like a Tetrahedron and even, a Cube!

  31. 16.Preschool Activities for Gross Motor Skills
  32. This is the time when Gross Motor Skills are best developed, with activities like the following.

  • Play with Parachutes. There are several ways children can play with a parachute, including standing in a circle around it and moving it up and down.
  • Exercise with Dice. They have to roll the dice and do the exercise that is displayed on top. What fun!
  • Do Body Bridge Poses. Children will love moving their body into different poses, like the good old-fashioned Plank Position.
  • Do Indoor Relay Races. A classic variation of this is the Egg-and-Spoon Race, where every team member has to carry their egg on a spoon from the starting point to a turnaround point, and then back again.


Preschool years, you will find, are a time of unlimited fun and learning. The ideas for preschool activities in this article are among the most tried and tested ones, that will spark your child’s fancy as well as help them develop critical skills. Which ones will you try today?


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