9 Amazing Memory Games for Kids

The thing with getting kids engaged is it’s a constant endeavor. Their growing brains are working hard to forge new pathways and remember new experiences, and it can be really helpful if you can help them learn all they possibly can in these most crucial developing years.

The Benefits of Memory Games for Kids

Just why are memory games all that important for kids?
1) They help hone children’s thinking skills, as well as work on their concentration and attention span.
2) They help kids foster a strong sense of persistence
3) They encourage children to try things without the fear of failure.

9 Amazing Memory Games for Kids

What better way to teach memory, than indulging in some good old memory games kids can’t get enough of? Here’s a look at the 9 best.

#1. The Coin Game

Memory games for kids like this one are amazing.
What you need: Some coins, a cloth and a timer.

How to Play
· Take a few coins, say 5, and line them in a sequence (like two one-rupee coins together, 3 50 paise coins together).
· Ask your kid to look at the coins, then cover them with a cloth.
· Your child has to now pick up the same coins from the pile and arrange them in the sequence they were shown.

Note: That timer can be used in the case of playing with more than one kid. The first child to get the sequence right, wins.

#2. The Magic Cup Game

Memory games are even more fun with a slice of magic!
What you need: 3 cups and a small coin.

How to Play
· Place the 3 cups upside down.
· Place the coin underneath one of the cups as your child watches.
· Move the cups around, ensuring your child watches as you move them. When the moving stops, they must identify which cup that coin is under.
Note: If you’re looking for a great concentration memory game, this one’s it.

#3. The Memory Game

Memory games like these are great for improving your memory!
What you need: Just you and your child.

How to Play
· Start by saying something like ‘I am going to the supermarket to buy an orange’.
· Your child has to repeat the phrase and add another item. In case there are more kids, they all add their items until your turn comes again.
· The person that makes a mistake has to drop out and the one that is remaining, is crowned the winner.

#4. The Red Light, Green Light Name Game

If you’re looking to get your child up and about, memory games for kids such as this one, work like a dream.
What you need: Just you and your child, and an open space.

How to Play
Go to an open space of your choice, be it your garden or perhaps even the park,
Tell your child that when you say ‘Green Light’ they have to run, and when you say ‘Red Light’, they need to stop. On ‘Orange Light’ they can walk.

#5. The Sound Chain Game

Yet another of those great concentration memory games. Just like ‘The Memory Game’, but with a twist.
What you need: You and your kid. Other children are most welcome, too.

How to Play
· The first player starts with a pattern of finger snaps and hand claps (like say, three snaps and a clap)
· The second person must repeat the pattern and add one of their own.
· The person who forgets a pattern is out. The last one standing wins!

#6. Drum Beats

Is your little drummer ready to play one of the coolest memory games?
What you need: Some drums or pots and pans from the kitchen.

How to Play
· With the drums or the upturned pots and pans, play a beat (or rhythm) of your choice. This is the rhythm you ‘send’ your child.
· Your kid has to now ‘send’ that same beat back to you, by playing the same on their set of drums/pots.

Tip: You and your kid can both take turns to come up with that rhythm.

#7. The Tray with Objects Game

One of the best memory boosting games.
What you need: a tray, some small objects from around your house (like coins, spoons, toys), a pen and some sheets of paper.

How to Play
· Fill the tray with objects and show it to your child.
· Put the tray away.
· Give your child the pen and paper, asking them to list the objects they saw.

Note: In the case of more than one child, the kid listing most objects wins.

#8. Simon Says

Memory games get a lot cooler with a touch of those classic games.
What you need: Just you and your child.

How to Play
· Tell your child that whenever you say ‘Simon Says’, they need to follow the instruction that comes after.
· Say something like ‘Simon Says, clap your hands twice’. Watch your child perform the action.
· Keep giving such instructions, interspersed with instructions not preceded by Simon Says. Needless to say, your child loses the game if they follow the latter.

#9. Spot The Difference

One of those memory games for kids that never stops getting fun!
What you need: Again, only you and your little one.

How to Play
· In whatever place you’re in, be it in your bedroom or even in the car, ask your child to take a good look around them.
· Ask them to close their eyes.
· Rearrange an object in the room. For example, place a flower pot in another place.
· When your child opens their eyes, they must be able to ‘spot the difference’.

The truly great thing about memory or learning games is that, not only do they increase awareness and cognition in children, they also help them to learn even while they are blissfully unaware that the activity they are indulging in is focused on learning. Play the memory games listed here whenever you can, and see just how well you sharpen their memory.

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