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25 Easy Methods for Teaching Children Time Management Skills

Teaching Time Management to Preschoolers

Thomas Edison once said, “Time is the only capital humans have and the only thing they can’t lose.” Hence it is essential to teach kids about the importance of time management. If your kid can learn the art of time management, they can conquer any battle in life. But time management is not something a child can learn overnight; it is something to be nurtured. Hence, here we bring 25 ideas for teaching time to preschoolers. 

  1. Teach the importance of time: Here is the first step:
  2.  You must be wondering how to teach time to kids. Talk to your kids and make them realize the importance of time. Once they understand how important time is in life, they will be responsible while spending it.

  3. Books:
  4. There are a lot of books available in the market that talks about time management for kids. These books will help you in teaching the concept of time to preschoolers. Some books are; Fast Break by Jeter, Derek, The Busy Life of Ernestine Buckmeister by Lodding, Linda Ravin, etc.

  5. Setting up a routine:
  6. If you can set a routine for your kids, it will be among one of the best time management exercises. Set a timetable for them to sleep, wake up, eat, read, and plan other activities throughout the day.

  7. Plan your day the night before:
  8. This is one of the best time management exercises. If your kid plans their day the night before, they will have a clearer view to utilize it.

  9. Do it yourself:
  10. Try to be a role model to your kids. Kids tend to copy their parents, so if they see you following a routine, they will want to follow it. It is beneficial in teaching the concept of time to preschoolers.

  11. Reward your kids:
  12. Appreciating them when they complete their targets is essential. These appreciations can be verbal, in the form of rewards like chocolate, toys, etc.

  13. To-Do lists:
  14. To-Do lists are one of the most engaging time management activities for kids. This list helps them to track their activity throughout the day.

  15. Set time for TV:
  16. Children spend a significant amount of their day watching TV, especially during breaks. If you are wondering how to teach time to kids, you need to set a schedule to watch TV.

  17. Set playtime:
  18. Another activity children can waste their entire day is playing. If you want to teach time to kids, you need to set a playtime.

  19. Time management games:
  20. Time management games come under good time management exercises. They are fun and teach a lot about time.

  21. Remember fun time:
  22. It is essential to have fun, as all study and no play make Jack dull. So ensure that when your kid plans there, they include playtime time in it.

  23. Avoid any kind of distractions:
  24. When your kid is following their time management exercises, you must ensure there is no disturbance. This helps kids to focus.

  25. Set deadlines:
  26. If you are wondering how to teach time to kids, learn to set deadlines for them. Deadlines create pressure, and sometimes a little stress helps kids to achieve their goals.

  27. Use timers:
  28. When your kid is completing a task, set a timer. This will help them to complete their homework on time. Timers help in the process of teaching the concept of time to preschoolers.

  29. Note daily activities:
  30. If your kids note their daily activities, they will learn about their day better. And this learning will help to set their day productively. This is one of the most essential time management activities for kids.

  31. What should come first?:
  32. If you are wondering how to teach time to kids, this is a good way. If your kids learn to prioritize things, they can make the most of their day.

  33. Don’t be too late:
  34. As it is said a children are like clay, and parents can shape them in whichever way they want. Hence, starting at an early age will make it easier to mold your child’s habits.

  35. Consistency is the key:
  36. It is essential to be consistent. In the process of how to teach time to kids, you should teach them the importance of consistency.

  37. Don’t be too hard:
  38. In the process of how to teach time to kids, make sure that you are not too hard on them.

  39. Listen to your kids:
  40. If your child fails to do their time management exercises, don’t shout at them. Don’t be angry or strict; instead, try to hear them.

  41. Be a companion:
  42. Be a companion in your kids’ journey. Try to do time management exercises with them. With you on their side, they will get constant motivation to achieve their goals.

  43. Divide task:
  44. If your kid cannot achieve their target, divide their big tasks into small parts. As failing to achieve goals can demotivate them.

  45. Don’t judge them:
  46. As all days are not the same, there will be days when your kid will be enabled to complete the given task. Don’t be harsh about the time management exercises. Motivate them to start fresh the next day.

  47. Importance of failure:
  48. As said above, your kid may fail to achieve their targets on some days, keeping them from getting demotivated.

  49. Time management coaches:
  50. Time management experts can help you list and implement time management exercises. If you are serious about teaching time to kids, you must consult these coaches. Social media: Many of these experts post their videos.


It’s important to note that teaching time to kids is an essential task that impacts their personality for a lifetime. Time management exercises are one of the best ways to teach time to kids. 

At Eurokids, we practice easy time management activities for kids to ensure ingraining discipline in them. We follow an easy-to-manage routine to teach the concept of time management to preschoolers.  Click here to know more or to visit a Eurokids center for preschool admission for your child.

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