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15 Suggestions to Alleviate Stress for New Parents and Their Baby

Did you know what can cause death faster than most diseases? Well, believe it or not, stress is one of the major contributing factors to divorce, poor health, irregular sleeping patterns, headaches, high blood pressure and many more. You might be battling with stress for numerous reasons like work pressure, family, financial concerns, and even being a new parent. The article today will be dealing with the stress that a new parent faces and how new parents can alleviate stress. New baby stress isn’t a myth and is something very real. Oftentimes others dismiss it as something trivial which one can easily control and portray as if new parents are making a fuss. However, if you are a new parent, know that new baby stress is a real thing and that it can be quite burdensome at first but once you understand how to deal with easing new baby stress, you will be able to live a peaceful and balanced life.

What Is Baby Stress?

Before we delve into the crux of the matter, let us understand what baby stress is. Simply put, it takes a lot of time, effort and money to have and raise a child. There will be days when you don’t sleep all night or just about get an hour or two of sleep before your baby keeps you awake. Baby stress is the stress you undergo from caring for and raising a baby. This can be stressful for both parents, though in different ways. The kind of stress you experience from raising a child can be different for a mother and a father. However, it’s important not to focus on that and to help each other out to alleviate that stress. Having a baby at home can make even the simplest of things seem like a huge task. Filling the water bottles at home can feel like a Herculean task when having a baby to see. Now that you have a better idea about what baby stress is, we can focus on learning about easing new baby stress.

15 Ways To Ease Stress For New Parents

  1. Enjoy the silence of being alone
  2. If you do manage, by any stretch of the imagination, to get time alone for yourself, don’t spend it on watching television, serials or social media platforms. Instead, try to take that time for yourself to enjoy the silence. Let me tell you, that silence won’t last long so savor it for as long as it lasts. Every individual needs to be alone with their thoughts a few times a day even if that’s just for a few minutes.

  3. Order groceries online
  4. It might not appear to be a very relaxing thing but even something as little as this can prove to be quite stress relieving. Groceries will in any way be required at home so it’s better to take some time, relax and order them when your baby isn’t around than to deal with both, rush and order them.

  5. Assign a cleaning day
  6. To make your daily routine less stressful, rather than cleaning every day, it’s a good idea to assign a particular day for cleaning. This way your body gets rest and you also get the work done, so it’s a win-win situation. Taking care of a baby is a difficult task as it requires constant dedication and attention. It might not be the best idea to leave your baby alone and focus on cleaning your home. That is why having an assigned day for cleaning is required.

  7. Go out for a walk or to unwind
  8. One of the simplest ways to alleviate stress for new parents is to go out for a morning or evening walk. The exercise will help keep you fit and the walk will refresh your mind. After spending so much time at home, locked in by the four corners of your room, it’s essential to have a view of the outside so you don’t lose your sanity.

  9. Do something exciting at home with your significant other
  10. To make watching your baby a fun and less monotonous task, try doing something fun with your husband or wife. Surprise him or her and maybe have a date at home or a movie night. This way you can relax and also have your baby share in the fun and joy of the occasion.

  11. Don’t feel bad if you don’t want to entertain visitors
  12. Having family and friends over is a nice thing but when you have a baby at home and a lot of work to complete, entertaining visitors can become quite burdensome. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel like having some over. Instead, take time to rest your mind, body and soul.

  13. Reduce screen time
  14. Many people don’t realize but prolonged screen time accounts for most of the physical and mental exhaustion which you experience. Browsing social media leads you to viewing more videos and this becomes a vicious cycle which is hard to break.

  15. Keep perspective
  16. Take hope in the fact that your baby won’t be in diapers all his or her life. The stress you are currently managing or dealing with as new parents won’t last forever, It’s just a phase which all new parents must go through. Know that there’s always hope at the end of the tunnel.

  17. Settle your wardrobe
  18. While this may seem like a meaningless thing to do at first, you will thank me later when you need to go out somewhere and you have to find something that isn’t covered in baby pee or baby vomit.

  19. Make your house convenient for you
  20. More times than not, we find ourselves always trying to please people. In our relentless quest to make our house the best we can so others will like it, we make things more difficult for ourselves., Ultimately, you will have to live in your own house and take care of your baby every day, so might as well it such that work becomes more convenient and easier for you.

  21. Be the mother you want to be and not what others want you to be
  22. For some reason or the other, most of the load of housework falls on the mother, with people having unrealistic expectations. Mothers face this stress daily and must remind themselves to be the mother figures they want to be and not what others expect them to be.

  23. Be upfront about needing help
  24. If others offer you help and you know you are struggling, refusing the help will only make a stressful situation even more stressful. Wanting a little time away from your baby is not a selfish act, it’s an act needed for you to be in the best possible physical and mental framework to take care of your little ones.

  25. Take a long shower
  26. One of the best ways of dealing with new parent stress is to relax by having a nice warm bath. Standing under the shower and having water run down your body after a long day of taking care of your child is the best feeling ever.

  27. Maintain a planner
  28. Having a planner is a great idea for organizing your life. When your day seems to be rather full and you find yourself not having enough time, it’s time to take charge and do things more systematically.

  29. Sleep when your baby sleeps
  30. One of the best ways of getting sleep when you’re a new parent is to sleep when your baby is sleeping. This will give you the energy to continue to work once your baby is awake.

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