15 Best Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

Be it with chalk on a sidewalk or crayons on paper, and drawing is an artistic activity that comes naturally to kids. Drawing brings several developmental benefits, making it vital for children in their early years, like developing fine motor skills and encouraging visual analysis.

Just like other forms of expression like dance and storytelling, the pursuit of drawing, when duly encouraged, can blossom into a beautiful talent. Click here to know more about the fun ways to learn alphabet activities for kids.

Here’s a look at the 15 Best Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids that will help nurture the young Picasso.

1. House

The first thing kids gravitate towards is drawing. One of those drawing ideas they return to time and again.

How to: Draw a square for the house’s main body and a couple of yards on it for the windows. Add a rectangular door and a triangle at the top of the roof.

2. Tree

One of the most excellent drawing ideas for kids that can help them become inventive based on their natural observations.

How to: The first thing to do is to create a large, oval trunk. Then watch the tree ‘grow’ as you add branches to it and leaves to those branches. Bonus points for coloring the tree trunk brown and the leaves green!

3. Tracing the Hand

This is one of those easy drawing ideas for which you don’t need colors.

How to: Have your child outline their hand with a pencil. This great sensory experience will help propel them to create more detailed drawings.

4. Draw Around a Hole

If you’re looking for drawing ideas with a difference, this is it.

How to: Take a sheet of paper and cut a hole in the center. Then have your children draw around the hole. The gap could be the center of a flower or even a house window!

5. Cat

Meow! If your child loves cats, they will love sketching them even more—one of the best kindergarten drawing ideas.

How to: Cats are as easy to draw as it is to keep them as pets. Draw a large circular head and an oval body. Remember to add the whiskers and tail! Click here to know more about the best shape activities for preschoolers.

6. Rainbow

Simple drawing ideas can bring sunshine. And some beautiful rainbows, too.

How to: Draw a curved line across a sheet of paper. Then draw seven equally spaced lines coming down from it—shade in between the lines with the appropriate colors of the rainbow.

7. Self-Portrait

Try this one if you’re looking for drawing ideas that have you as the center of attention.

How to: Have them start by drawing an oval for their face, and then let them fill in the eyes, nose, ears…

8. Drawing on a Map

Who says drawing needs to be done on blank paper?

How to: Get some maps and have your child go wild coloring on them. Better still, have them create their map!

9. Draw a Minion

Drawing ideas for kids just got more fantastic. This one’s easier than it might seem.

How to:

● Draw a circular head with two smaller circles for the eyes.
● Add a line across the mouth and sketch a rectangular-shaped body.
● Remember the arms and legs.

10. Boat

Boats at sea always find their place in kids’ drawings. The drawing is a voyage in itself. How to:

● Start with a curved line for the boat’s hull.
● Draw the mast in the middle and two sails on either side.
● Lest you forget, remove some waves at the bottom to set your boat sailing.

11. Drawing in Tandem

Drawing ideas for kids is more fun when implemented in unison.

How to: Start by drawing a single line on the paper. Then have your child add something to it. It could be a circle or perhaps even an animal. Then, you add to that. And so on. You never know the masterpiece you might end up with.

12. Butterfly

Create art in color with fun kindergarten drawing ideas like this one.

How to: Before you add color, we have to create the drawing! It’s simple. Just draw a small circular head and remove its long, oval main body below it (and attach it to the head). Then draw two sets of semi-circles on either side of the body for wings. Finish off by adding antennae. Then color that butterfly exotic! Click here to know more about the 100 best activities for kids.

13. Puppy

For kids who are more ‘dog people’ than ‘cat people.’

How to: The face should be oval instead of the circular cat’s for a dog. You want to toss in a furry mane, two pointed ears, and four legs apart from the eyes, nose, and mouth.

14. City

Drawing ideas can make you paint the town red. Speaking!

How to: Have them draw buildings with roads cutting through them. Oh, as touched upon above, you should include a red house.

15. Chalkboard Drawing

Simple drawing ideas are the best.

How to: All you need is a chalkboard, some colored chalk, and a child’s imagination gone wild.

Analyzing a child’s drawing is essential for parents to understand their child’s feelings. When they draw something, ask them what they have drawn. Celebrate their best art by putting it up somewhere. With the ideas in this post, you can give them plenty of ways to light the lamp of creativity. Start your child’s early education with EuroKids.