15 Amazing Transportation Activities for Kindergarten

Kids in kindergarten have a fascination with anything that moves – be it a bulky tractor or a svelte racing car. Perhaps it’s on account of the unusual shapes and sizes different vehicles come in. In any case, it’s a great idea to leverage that inherent fascination into something of greater significance – namely, learning all about how transportation works.

Here’s a look at some of the most novel transportation activity ideas that will help set the ball rolling where it comes to teaching your kids all about transportation.

1. Model Railways

Kids are forever fascinated with trains. Here’s one of those transportation activities that will put them firmly in that engine driver’s seat!

The activity: Get that model train set out. As the children figure out how to fit pieces of the track together, they develop their cognitive skills.

Bonus: Children can enact scenarios of the world around them.

2. Paint and Mold Tracks

Seeking an activity for transportation that’s messy? Try this one.

The activity: Ask your children to dip their plastic vehicles into paint before wheeling them across sheets of paper with a view to creating some really cool tracks. Alternately, flatten some playdough and have your child run their vehicle over it to create some pretty distinct tracks.

3. Water Tray Boating

Transportation activities in water? Aye, aye, captain!

The activity: Take a water tray and fill it with water. This is the time to set that collection of toy boats to good use. If you don’t have those, create boats out of Lego – or paper, too!

4. Counting Vehicles

Teaching transportation to kids while improving their math skills, too? You bet!

The activity: When you’re on the road in your car with your preschooler, have them count as many vehicles of a particular kind: like taxis or even planes in the sky!

5. Land, Air or Sea?

Transportation activities like this one teach kids about more than just transportation. In this case, sorting!

The activity: Place 3 hoops alongside each other. Then take an assortment of paper cutouts of different vehicles, and ask your child to sort them into hoops labelled ‘land’, ‘air’ and ‘sea’.

6. Flying Planes

Looks like there might be some turbulence! Nothing our little pilots can’t handle. One of the coolest transportation activities for kindergarten, this one.

The activity: Help your little one create planes using various materials like paper, cardboard and even foam sheets. Try flying each one and see what improvement in design can be made to get them to fly better.

7.Creating Road Signs

Transportation activities just got a whole lot more realistic!

The activity: Kids have to create their own road signs. This activity goes a long way in helping them enhance their motor skills. Take this to the next level by having them incorporate the different shapes commonly found in road signs, thus incorporating a mathematical component in this fine activity, too.

8. Traffic Light Cookie Baking

Another of those ‘on the road’ transportation activities.

The activity: The objective is simple: ,a href=”https://www.eurokidsindia.com/blog/10-easy-healthy-and-delicious-desserts-for-kids/”>bake cookies in three colors: red, yellow, green. When done, assemble them to resemble a traffic light signal and then educate your kid about how vehicles need to proceed in accordance (eg. stop at red).

Tip: Looking to cut back on their sugar? Use crackers with appropriately-colored cream cheese!

9. Parking Lot Alphabet Fun

This really cool activity for transport helps kids learn the alphabet, too.

The activity: Take a large sheet of paper that has parking lots drawn on it labelled in uppercase letters of the alphabet. Kids have to take the cars labelled with matching lowercase letters and put them in the appropriate parking spots.

10. Fruit and Veggie Wheels

Transportation activities like this one stimulate the imaginations of children.

The activity: Give your child a plastic knife and have them cut out ‘wheels’ from food items like bananas, oranges and even zucchini! They can then pair these with the ‘body’ in the form of crackers or breads, to form the complete vehicle.

11. Sidewalk Maze

Kids love puzzles, and what better puzzle than a maze? Surely one of the best preschool transport activities!

The activity: Draw a maze on a sidewalk and challenge your child to get their toy car out of it. You can make this even more challenging in future, by creating a larger maze and having them ‘cycle’ their way out of it.

12. Magic Carpet Books

Books are a truly amazing way of transporting your preschooler to another world.

The activity: Choose books that are focused on transportation activities. If your child finds themselves on a space rocket going to the moon, or perhaps in a submarine several thousand leagues under the sea, it will propel their love of learning about transportation to another level.

13. Airport Runway

Time to get into the air again, captain!

The activity: Create your own airport on a large sheet of paper, replete with runway lights and the runway (simply draw them). Explain to your child how the plane takes off and lands.

Tip: Throw in some toy buses, and perhaps some Lego people, too.

14. Red Light, Green Light

Probably the most fun way to teach your kids about traffic signals.

The activity: Your kids have to run when you say ‘Green Light’, and stop at ‘Red Light’. ‘Yellow Light’ means, go slow. This, until that finish line is reached, of course.

Note: You want to take this outdoors, for want of more space.

15. Old and New Transport

Show your kids how transport was, compared to how it is today.

The activity: Simply open your laptop and show them fascinating images of transport in days gone by.

While the act of moving in general is interesting, it can be made even more interesting for your young preschooler, when you introduce them to the various transportation activities that have been enlisted here. Time to get in the driver’s seat and get started with doing exactly that.

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