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100+ Engaging Number Activities for Preschool & Kindergarten

Numbers are fundamental building blocks for a child’s mathematical understanding. Engaging in activities that make learning numbers fun and interactive is crucial for preschool and kindergarten children. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of 100 exciting and educational activities that will help young learners develop a strong foundation in mathematics.

Why is Learning Numbers Important for Kids?

Learning numbers is crucial for kids as it lays the foundation for various essential skills. Numbers are the building blocks of mathematics, providing the basis for understanding quantity, patterns, and relationships.
By mastering numbers, children develop fundamental counting and arithmetic skills that are vital for academic success. Additionally, numerical literacy is essential for everyday life, helping children navigate activities such as telling time, handling money, and understanding measurements.

Early exposure to numbers not only fosters cognitive development but also instils confidence and competence in tackling mathematical challenges, setting the stage for future learning and problem-solving in various aspects of education and daily living.

List of 100 Engaging Number Activities for Preschool and Kindergarten

1-5: Introduction to Numbers

  • Counting Fingers:
  • Count fingers and toes to introduce counting from 1 to 10.

  • Number Songs:
  • Utilise catchy number songs to make learning memorable.

  • Number Flashcards:
  • Create flashcards with colourful numbers to enhance recognition.

  • Number Tracing:
  • Practise tracing numbers with finger paints or crayons.

  • Number Hunt:
  • Search for objects corresponding to each number around the classroom.

    6-10: Building on Basics

  • Number Puzzles:
  • Assemble puzzles with numbers and corresponding objects.

  • Number Hopscotch:
  • Play a hopping game, landing on numbered squares.

  • Playdough Numbers:
  • Mould numbers with playdough for tactile learning.

  • Number Bingo:
  • Introduce bingo with numbers to make learning a game.

  • Number Collages:
  • Create collages with cut-out numbers and related pictures.

    11-15: Counting Beyond 20

  • Number Caterpillar:
  • Prepare a caterpillar by connecting numbered circles.

  • Skip Counting:
  • Start introducing the concept of skip counting by twos and fives.

  • Number Fishing:
  • “Fish” for numbered cards in a pretend fishing game.

  • Ten Frame Activities:
  • Use ten frames to teach counting in groups of ten.

  • Number Memory Game:
  • Create a memory game with matching number pairs.

    16-20: Exploring Counting Strategies

  • Number Balloons:
  • Write numbers on balloons and count as you play.

  • Number Hunt:
  • Hide numbered cards around the room for a scavenger hunt.

  • Number Dice:
  • Use dice with dots to practise recognizing and counting numbers.

  • Number Toss:
  • Toss a bean bag onto a numbered mat and identify the number.

  • Number Tower:
  • Build a tower with numbered blocks, and stack them in order.

    21-25: Hands-On Math Fun

  • Number Stamps:
  • Stamp numbers on paper for a creative activity.

  • Number Sorting:
  • Sort objects into containers and label them with numbers.

  • Number Dominoes:
  • Play a domino game matching numbers and objects.

  • Number Caterpillar Walk:
  • Walk along a numbered path on the floor.

  • Number Sticker Match:
  • Match stickers with corresponding numbers on a chart.

    26-30: Incorporating Daily Life

  • Calendar Time:
  • Marking and counting days on a calendar.

  • Cooking with Numbers:
  • Measure ingredients and discuss numbers in recipes.

  • Number Plate Match:
  • Match toy cars with number plates to their spots.

  • Number Storytime:
  • Read books that incorporate counting and numbers.

  • Number Charades:
  • Act out the number of fingers, toes, or objects.

    31-35: Outdoor Number Exploration

  • Nature Numbers:
  • Collect sticks and arrange them to form numbers.

  • Number Sidewalk Chalk:
  • Write numbers on the sidewalk for outdoor learning.

  • Number Scavenger Hunt:
  • Search for items in nature and count them.

  • Number Hula Hoop Toss:
  • Toss bean bags into hula hoops labelled with numbers.

  • Number Water Play:
  • Splash and play with numbered containers in water.

    36-40: Group Activities

  • Number Circle Time:
  • Sit in a circle and count together as a group.

  • Number Bean Bag Toss:
  • Toss beanbags into numbered baskets.

  • Number Twister:
  • Play a modified Twister game with numbered circles.

  • Group Counting Song:
  • Create a song that involves counting together.

  • Number Relay Race:
  • Relay race with numbered stations to enhance teamwork.

    41-45: Number Recognition Games

  • Number Bingo:
  • Play bingo with numbers and corresponding images.

  • Number Memory Match:
  • Flip cards to find matching number pairs.

  • Number Spinners:
  • Spinners with numbers for a fun game of chance.

  • Number Puzzle Games:
  • Solve puzzles that involve arranging numbers.

  • Number Balance:
  • Use a balance scale with objects to represent numbers.

    46-50: Creative Number Arts and Crafts

  • Number Frame:
  • Make photo frames with cut-out numbers.

  • Number Paintings:
  • Paint numbers with various colours and patterns.

  • Number Bead Bracelets:
  • String beads to create bracelets with numbered patterns.

  • Number Craft Stamps:
  • Use stamps to create crafts with numbered patterns.

  • Number Playdough Mats:
  • Create playdough mats with outlined numbers.

    51-55: Interactive Digital Learning

  • Number Apps:
  • Explore educational apps that teach numbers interactively.

  • Online Number Games:
  • Engage in interactive online games that reinforce number concepts.

  • Digital Number Puzzles:
  • Solve puzzles on tablets or computers for a tech-savvy twist.

  • Number Videos:
  • Watch educational videos that focus on counting and number recognition.

  • Virtual Number Flashcards:
  • Utilise digital flashcards for quick and interactive learning.

    56-60: Maths in Motion

  • Number Dance:
  • Incorporate numbers into a fun and energetic dance routine.

  • Number Hopscotch:
  • Create a hopscotch game with numbered squares for physical activity.

  • Number Limbo:
  • Limbo under a pole labelled with descending numbers.

  • Number Obstacle Course:
  • Navigate through an obstacle course with numbered stations.

  • Number Race:
  • Race with numbered checkpoints to promote movement.

    61-65: Building Number Sense

  • Number Patterns:
  • Recognize and create simple number patterns.

  • Number Riddles:
  • Solve riddles that involve counting and identifying numbers.

  • Number Bonds:
  • Introduce the concept of number bonds with hands-on activities.

  • Number Sorting Trays:
  • Sort objects into trays labelled with numbers and patterns.

  • Number Towers:
  • Build towers with blocks to represent different numbers.

    66-70: Number Challenges

  • Number Puzzles:
  • Solve puzzles with missing numbers to encourage critical thinking.

  • Number Sudoku:
  • Simplified Sudoku puzzles for young learners.

  • Number Mazes:
  • Navigate through mazes, identifying and counting numbers.

  • Number Memory Challenge:
  • Enhance memory skills with challenging memory games.

  • Number Bingo Challenge:
  • A more advanced version of bingo with larger numbers.

    71-75: Exploring Math Concepts

  • Greater/Less Concept:
  • Use manipulatives to compare numbers.

  • Number Graphing:
  • Create simple bar graphs with counted items.

  • Number Measurement:
  • Measure objects with rulers or non-standard units.

  • Number Patterns:
  • Recognize and extend simple number patterns.

  • Number Word Recognition:
  • Match numbers with their written word forms.

    76-80: Outdoor Number Play

  • Number Hopscotch Trail:
  • Create a hopscotch trail with numbers leading through a park.

  • Number Nature Hunt:
  • Explore nature and find items corresponding to numbers.

  • Number Sidewalk Art:
  • Use sidewalk to create large-scale number art.

  • Number Treasure Hunt:
  • Follow clues with numbered hints to find hidden treasures.

  • Number Leaf Pile:
  • Arrange leaves into numbers and play in the leaf pile.

    81-85: Everyday Math Adventures

  • Number Shopping:
  • Practise counting and identifying numbers while shopping.

  • Number Cookery:
  • Incorporate numbers into cooking activities, measuring ingredients.

  • Number Bedtime Stories:
  • Share bedtime stories that include counting and numbers.

  • Number Car Ride Games:
  • Play games that involve spotting and counting numbers during car rides.

  • Number Clean-Up:
  • Make clean-up time fun by counting and sorting items.

    86-90: Multisensory Learning

  • Number Sand Writing:
  • Write numbers in the sand for a tactile experience.

  • Number Sensory Bins:
  • Create sensory bins with objects labelled with numbers.

  • Number Salt Trays:
  • Trace numbers in trays of salt for a sensory writing activity.

  • Number Playdough Mats:
  • Roll playdough into snakes to form numbers on mats.

  • Number Water Play:
  • Splash and play with numbered containers in water.

    91-95: Number Exploration in Art

  • Number Collage Art:
  • Create collages using cut-out numbers and various art materials.

  • Paint the Canvas:
  • Use paint and brushes to create artistic representations of numbers.

  • Number Sculptures:
  • Mould numbers with clay or playdough to make 3D sculptures.

  • Number Mosaics:
  • Arrange small, coloured tiles to form numbers in mosaic art.

  • Number Stamping:
  • Use stamps to create artwork with repeated number patterns.

    96-100: Celebrate Achievements

  • Number Certificates:
  • Award certificates for reaching number-related milestones.

  • Number Celebration:
  • Have a small party to celebrate learning certain groups of numbers.

  • Number Show and Tell:
  • Encourage children to bring in objects related to a specific number.

  • Number Story Creation:
  • Collaboratively create and illustrate a story with numbered elements.

  • Number Display:
  • Create a classroom display showcasing the children’s number-related achievements.

    These 100 engaging number activities for preschool and kindergarten provide a diverse range of ways to make learning math fun and interactive. Through hands-on play, creative arts, and outdoor exploration, young learners can develop a love for numbers that will stay with them throughout their educational journey.

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