Name Quest – 10 Fun Name Activities for Preschoolers

“That proud and joyous moment when a little one writes their own name for the very first time. It’s such a precious milestone and a lovely achievement. There are lots of amazing benefits that can be gleaned from the process of practising to write their name too. Some of the benefits are to develop identity, confidence, social understanding, fine motor skills, and so much more.”

–  Donna Howard, writer at Twinkl

If you are looking for name games for preschoolers, then you are in the right place!

When children begin to identify things like their own names and even those of their friends, they will come to learn letters in ways that are both fun and meaningful. Not all of those name activities are quite the same, mind you. The better ones involve hands-on elements that will make the process of learning letters far more stimulating.

10 Exciting Name Game for Preschoolers

Here are 10 Fun Name Activities for Preschoolers

What are the ten best name activities we can use to impart effective letter learning in our kids? Let’s take a look.

  1. Sensory Tray Sand Writing
  2. Sensory tray sand writing is one of the fun name games for preschoolers. What you need: A tray and sand to fill it

    Name writing in a sensory tray is a great tactile experience for kids. You don’t even need sand; coloured rice and even salt will do perfectly well. Have your kids explore their names by tracing their letters in the ‘sand’ without the added stress of holding a pencil.

  3. Jumbo Chalk
  4. With Jumbo chalk, you can play fun name activities for preschoolers in the open air. Name activities in the outdoors are fun, especially when there’s a ‘balancing act’ involved!

    What you need: Jumbo chalk, the sidewalk

    Write your child’s name in large, life-size letters on the sidewalk using some jumbo chalk. Your kid has to walk along the letters as though they are walking along a tightrope.

    Tip: Later on, you can add a unique spin to this game. Draw smaller letters and have your child trace the letters using their fingers.

  5. Make It and Write It, Too!
  6. Name writing activities using magnets. You bet!

    Get your children to use magnetic letters to make their names on a whiteboard, and underneath that, write their names, too. This is a really cool way for them to learn letters, as what the magnetic letters serve to do is differentiate the vowels and consonants by colours. In this way, the children can most easily come to recognize the different letters in their names.

    Did you know that preschool name activities can improve cognitive abilities of kids?

  7. Playdough Fun
  8. There’s no child out there that doesn’t like to play with play dough, right? Name activities like these will keep your child engaged for hours.

    What you need: You guessed right! Playdough – lots of it!

    Playdough makes for a great tactile experience when it comes to teaching children to write their names. The interesting thing here is you can get a lot more creative than you think when it comes to this wonderful name activity. For instance, you can teach your kids to build the letters of their names on a piece of cardboard. That will make for a really cool nameplate!

  9. Pom Pom Collage
  10. Name activities for preschoolers are really cool when they involve items that kids love.

    What you need: Pompoms in all kinds of colours, some crayons, a sheet of paper and some glue.

    Have your children trace the letters of their names in different crayon colours on that sheet of paper. Then have them stick those differently-coloured pom poms onto each letter of their names. Encourage them to use as many different colours as they can until they finally come up with a great pompom collage of their name.

  11. Messy Finger Paint Name Fun
  12. Messy finger paint name fun is one of the fun kindergarten name games for children. Kids love to get messy. When name activities are messy, you can be sure your kids are going to have loads of fun.

    What you need: Finger paints, some sheets of paper and a pencil.

    There are two versions of this activity. The first one simply entails your children going wild, using finger paint to ‘write’ their names on the sheet of paper. For the next round, write your child’s name in large letters on another sheet of paper and let them trace over your letters with that delightful finger paint.

  13. Sensory Bin Letter Hunt
  14. Sensory Bin Letter Hunt is a joyful and adventurous kindergarten name game for kids. Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Especially when the treasure is your own name! One of the more interesting name activities is this.

    What you need: A tray with sand and letter beads.

    Mix multiple letter beads correlating to the letters in your child’s name, along with others that do not belong, in that tray of sand. Then ask your child to find the letter beads corresponding to the letters in their names and to form their names outside the tray. This is challenging, as the first letter they find might not be the first one that makes their name!

    Did you know that preschool name activities can be educational and eco-friendly for your little ones?

  15. Natural Writing
  16. Writing in nature? Seems natural, doesn’t it? Truly makes for some great writing practice for kids.

    What you need: The outdoors, preferably a park

    See how your kids get enchanted when they use simple things they find in nature, like stones and leaves, to create their names. Even twigs will do. Help them get more creative by using a combination of the things they find to create those letters that become names.

  17. Invisible Paint Fun
  18. Invisible Paint Fun is a joyful name activity for kids. When name colour activities come with a touch of magic, they work wonders!

    What you need: White paper, white crayons, some paintbrushes, and water paints.

    Before your child steps in to perform this activity, ensure you do your own bit. Write their names in large using those white crayons on that sheet of white paper. Then, call them in and let them go crazy with those water paints. Rest assured. They will go even crazier when they discover their names painted underneath!

  19. Shaving Cream Mania
  20. Name writing can be a guilty pleasure activity when it is done in a medium that is otherwise strictly off-limits to kids.

    What you need: A tray, some shaving cream.

    All kids are fascinated by the sight of someone shaving. Tell them they are allowed to use that shaving cream – but only for this activity! Watch their delight as they trace letters that form their names in the shaving cream you have filled in a tray.

Note: Things can get messy with this one, so you might want to do it in the bathroom.


Name activities shouldn’t be ignored because they form the earliest introduction to your child’s literacy skills. As you have seen in this article, there are plenty of fun ways in which you can introduce your kid to the love of learning letters at that most precious preschool age. We have provided around 10 name activities for kids in this article. Which of these name activity for kids are you going to try today?

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 Which of these name activities are you going to play with your preschool kids?


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