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10 Best Kids’ Scooters for Every Age

Scooters for kids are one of the best ways to make your kids do some cardio exercise, develop hand-eye balancing & coordinating skills and other fitness skills. Kids’ scooters also help your little one learn to navigate independently around the neighborhood.  

Many times it gets confusing for parents that they should be buying a scooter for kids or a cycle for their kids. Well, it is obvious to think around those lines as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Scooters for kids are the perfect first ride on. The lower decks make it easier for kids to get on & off. As your kid is just beginning to ride, the handlebars provide stability. And three wheels – which is the most common style of scooters for kids – make it easier to learn to balance and kick at the same time. 

For toddlers and young children, it’s essential to choose a scooter that is stable and easy to control. They are a great option as they provide extra stability and balance. Having said that, after a certain age, convenience and requirement of your kid, you can opt for a bike. As scooting trains your kids’ “differently than a bike.” 

So if you are still looking for something interesting for your kid who is either glued to TV or video games, explore scooters for kids. Scooters for kids are a great way to encourage kids to get moving while also providing a fun way to explore the outdoors. With so many great options, finding the best scooter for kids has always been challenging. In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 kids’ scooters for every age so that you can find the perfect choice for your family. 

Top 10 Kids’ Scooters For All Ages

  1. Micro Mini Original Scooter:
  2. The Micro Mini Original Scooter for kids is an excellent choice for toddlers of age group 2-4 years. Give your child the confidence to ride around the sidewalks of the neighborhood in style and comfort with a sturdy three-wheeled design and easy-to-use handlebars. 

  3. Globber Primo Plus 3-Wheel Scooter:
  4. The Globber Primo Plus 3-Wheel Scooter is an excellent option for kids. It is best for kids who need extra stability, with a broad base and adjustable handlebars. Get your kids ready for the most fun scoot-venture. It delivers the best-valued 3-wheel scooters for kids aged 3-7+ that are both sustainable and durable. The patented steering lock system locks the front scooter wheels only to move forward and backwards, allowing kids to gain confidence to scoot while practicing balance skills. It also has an anti-slip composite deck. 

  5. Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter:
  6. The Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter is a classic option for the best scooters for kids if your child is developmentally ready and has the coordination to make the scooter move. It is perfect for kids of the age group 3-5 years. It is not only easy to use for kids but also convenient for parents as you don’t have to worry about it tipping over. The design is unique to other scooters. It has two wheels in the front instead of two in the back – making it a more stable scooter for kids. A sturdy base and easy-to-grip handlebars make it more comfortable for younger children. 

  7. Razor A3 Scooter:
  8. The Razor A3 Scooter for kids is an excellent choice for older toddlers and young children. It offers a combination of traditional aluminum construction with new innovations like a spring-less shock system that makes bumpy pavement feel smoother. Additionally, the wheelie bar adds to the look and feel of the scooter for kids. The Razor A3 can be considered the best kids scooter as it has ABEC-5 high-speed bearings. It gives great speed. The scooter has large 125mm inline-style wheels, high-speed bearings and a patented rear fender brake for a smooth, in-control ride. 

  9. YBIKE GLX Pro Scooter:
  10. This is one of the best scooters for kids – especially for growing children of age group 5 to 9 years. It has adjustable handlebars that extend from 28 to 32.5 inches. It is equipped with larger 125mm front wheels and a wide fiber-reinforced non-slip ABS deck for a fast and smooth ride! This next-generation, award-winning scooter for kids has a modern three-wheel lean-and-steer design. It is the best kids’ scooter option for older and more skilled riders. 

  11. Hikole Scooter for Kids:
  12. The Hikole Scooters for Kids is an excellent choice for fast-growing children. It is foldable and adjustable according to the height of your child. It has a motion sensor installed. It is also equipped with activated motion, light-up wheels and aluminum handlebars with sponge grips. The lights will switch on when motion is detected and switch off after your ride. 

  13. Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter:
  14. The Lascoota 2-in-1 Kick Scooter for kids is a versatile option among the best kids’ scooters. It has a removable seat and a sturdy three-wheeled design which gives your child an option to sit and ride too. The seat of this scooter for kids can be removed easily using a durable screw. It is the best kids’ scooter for growing kids as it covers a wide height range. It has three wheels for extra stability and an anti-slip surface for increased support. Its lean-to-steer technology makes it the perfect scooter for kids to develop balance and coordination. A 3-Wheel Kick Scooter is also designed for toddlers with the ease of a sturdy base and adjustable handlebars to have a tight grip. 

  15. Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter:
  16. If you are looking for a fancy, attractive and outstanding scooter for kids then your search should stop here. Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter for kids has more than 100 LED lights on its handlebar stem, wheels, and deck. Give your baby nonstop fun to light up their way with this kids’ scooter. It also has an adjustable handlebar – making it a long use toy ride as your kids grow. When it comes to safety it is one of the best scooters for kids. It has an easy to access rear fender foot brake – that ensures a secure full stop every time. 

  17. Mongoose Rise Freestyle Scooter:
  18. The Rise Scooter for kids is loaded with exceptional features that include a lightweight alloy deck, quadruple anodized clamp collar, a threadless headset, and front and rear alloy pegs for pro-style park performance. This is one of the best scooters for kids as it offers pro-pro-style park performance. The alloy deck and steel brake, 100 mm high impact wheels and durable ABEC-7 bearings make it sturdy. The heavy-duty frame supports riders ages 8+ up to 100kg. 

  19. Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter:
  20. The Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter is a popular choice in the scooters for kids section, as it has a sturdy three-wheeled design and adjustable handlebars. It gives stability to the kids’ scooter – helping them in learning hand-eye movements and balancing skills safely. 


Scooters are a great way to encourage kids to get moving while providing a fun way to explore the outdoors and develop balance and coordination skills. While for toddlers, a 3 wheel scooter for kids makes perfect sense, for grown-up kids, two-wheeled kids scooters with a broader base and larger wheels are considered the best. It would help if you looked for scooters for kids that are designed for stability and control, with a sturdy deck and comfortable handlebar grip. For older kids, choosing a scooter that is appropriate for their size and skill level is essential. 

At Eurokids, we understand the importance of early childhood education and development along with taking care of their physical and mental health. Our preschool curriculum is designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and explore.

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