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EuroKids Ventures : EuroSchool
EuroSchool is a venture of EuroKids International Ltd, India’s largest Pre-School chain. EuroSchool sets itself apart with a unique philosophy of ‘Balance schooling’. Balance between academics and co-curricular activities. Balance between theoretical and practical training. Balance between traditional teaching methods and new generation teaching aids. And more importantly, balance between growing up as responsible global citizens and retaining the rich Indian ethos. Such balance helps students attain not just academic success, but holistic development including that of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive and social skills.

The methodology employed is a 4 pronged approach wherein Learning of the concept in the classroom, followed by Reinforcement of the concept through Audio-Visual media followed by Practice through projects and experiments and most importantly Application of the given concept in life. This LRPA model makes learning stress-free, enjoyable and above all, meaningful.

‘EuroSchool’ is not just a school – it’s a way of life …

Visit us at  www.euroschoolindia.com