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Why HomeBuddy?

HomeBuddy is our innovative digital learning platform tailor-made for your child to provide an enjoyable and continual learning experience beyond school.

PLAY section helps the child learn concepts and tracks progress while playing games.
SEE section is loaded with audio-visual tools for better comprehension and holistic development.
DO section consists of Do-it-Yourself activities for constructive engagement while at home.
Fun zone activities

Fun Zone



School Connect

School Connect

Classroom Memories

Classroom Memories

Interactive games


Audio visuals


Read along stories

Read Along

DIY Activities


HomeBuddy Your child’s digital learning platform at home

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is HomeBuddy App?

    The HomeBuddy is one of the best digital learning platforms for children that provides an enjoyable learning experience. The App engages the learner constructively and enhances learning experiences by the features Play, See and Do.
  • How to get access to HomeBuddy App?

    Once the parent enrolls their child at EuroKids, they will receive their login credentials.
  • Can HomeBuddy App open on Mozila, Edge, and Internet Explorer?

    HomeBuddy App works best on Google Chrome, however, can be accessed on all browsers.
  • Can I install HomeBuddy App on multiple devices?

    HomeBuddy App can be accessed on up to 2 to 3 devices simultaneously using the same login.
  • Is the HomeBuddy App for children easy to use?

    HomeBuddy App is designed for easy usage by students. It’s a safe space for your child to learn and explore.
  • How will children benefit with the HomeBuddy App?

    Children have varied learning styles, and the App helps all kind of learners- visual, auditory and tactile. Children have access to easy-to-understand animated and teacher recorded videos. The animated videos are short, visually pleasing and full of edutainment, which enhances engagement. The teacher-recorded videos are used to reinforce classroom learning. FunZone games help sharpen their skills and understanding of various topics while they play games. Their screen time is used in a beneficial way to focus on constructive learning.
  • How can I track my child's performance through this App?

    Reports are a very informative feature on the App. The child is evaluated without knowing that he/she is being assessed. The assessment criteria are designed on various parameters based on the different themes that are being taught in school and on the App. The reports feature will give a parent accurate information on the progress of the child on a daily, weekly, and bimonthly basis. Also provides details on the usage of the App through today’s schedule on daily basis.
  • Can I use the HomeBuddy App offline?

    No, the ‘HomeBuddy learning ecosystem’ App cannot be used offline as the courses and videos are available only online. In addition, the real-time performance and progress are mapped online.
  • How to edit my personal information?

    To edit/update your personal information in the profile you need to request your preschool coordinator.
  • How do I log in for siblings from the same device?

    Parents can switch between profiles in the parent corner.
  • How will parents benefit from the HomeBuddy App?

    The parents have the HomeBuddy app available at their fingertip, it is curated with age-appropriate content that is super beneficial for their children. Parents can track their child's daily progress on a real-time basis. The app also has DIY activities that the parent-child can do it together, therefore, helps in spending some quality time together. This quality time will be an enjoyable part of their daily routine.