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Good parenting has always been an iterative process - the result of trial and error; of learning from mistakes. Super Parent eliminates the trial and error component. Super Parent is a one-stop solution for all parenting needs, including enhancing learning, tracking progress, engaging with the child better, getting credible suggestions and professional consulting, and communicating with peers through forums and blogs

  • Brain Development

    Learn, build, track and transform by developing crucial skills like social, emotional, language, cognitive, gross and fine
    motor skills

  • Trackers & Reminders

    A consolidated tracker for vaccinations, growth – weight and height, moods of the child and constructive physical

  • Consultation

    Parent Coach Feature navigates through any challenges in your parenting journey by enabling one-on-one sessions with our


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Profiling: Create and maintain profiles of all your children to personalize your experience over time with the app.

Superparent app to track child activities

Learning modules: Learn and track milestone goals across multiple categories for their children over time, including brain development, wellness, potential, etc.

Superparent app to track activities

Growth tracker: Track your child’s growth over time with WHO standards and your child’s trends.

Superparent app for parents

Vaccination tracker: Track vaccination timelines for your child and save details of vaccinations done.

Superparent app for childrens performance

Calendar: Keep track of your important deadlines and upcoming events.

Superparent app for kids performance

Contact us: Get one-on-one help with your issues and connect with us to know more about the app.

Coming Soon!

Super Parent App’s upcoming features will make your parenting journey a breeze. Unlock the tips, tricks and secrets to essential parenting and your child’s true potential.

Superparent app for preschoolers tracking
Superparent app for preschoolers
Superparent app
Super parent app