The first five years of a child's life are the most important as 90% of brain development takes place during these years. In these formative years, it is crucial to ensure #UninterruptedLearning for the children as critical skills like language, motor and cognitive skills, social behaviour, communication are developed in this age.

HomeBuddy. The HomeBuddy, Home Engagement Program offers structured learning programs and activities for holistic development of your child. Get ready to welcome Buddy home. Your favourite Pre-School.

Transcends learning beyondvirtual boundaries.

EuroKids Edge

Our Exclusive Curriculum

Extending our mindful curriculum to digital learning, it introduces your child to new concepts and focusses on age-appropriate skill development.

Advanced Teacher Connectivity

Your child’s teacher is just a phone call or email away with virtual schooling, which makes tracking their progress easier.

Continued Brain Development

Our hybrid learning module integrates technology and hands-on experience to give your child the appropriate tools and attention for continued brain development during their formative years.

Active Parent Participation

Since all lessons, workbooks, pages, storybooks and assignments are accessible by both the child and the parent, parents can witness their child’s development in-person and holistically.

Social Connections and Collective Learning

To encourage the social-emotional aspect of learning, we connect students with their teachers and peers through live classroom sessions, this boosts communication, and give them the Pre-School feeling.

App Integrated Hands-on Activity Kits

The parents are handed sets of kit like, Happiness Kit, Readiness Kit, Theme Kit, and Takeaway DIY Kits, which consist of activities to engage their child and ensure #UninterruptedLearning.

Fun and Interactive Live Sessions

Our live sessions build excitement and re-create the energy of the Pre-School at home. They are fun, interactive, and are sure to keep your child 100% engrossed.

Online Learning at its best, with our HomeBuddy app and learning kits

LIVE Classes

At the heart of our preschooling child-first ideology is Eunoia - a mindful curriculum that enables holistic development of your child’s mind, body and soul

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