• Expert Educators

    Our pre-school teachers have extraordinary levels of patience, enthusiasm, creativity and above all, a love for early childhood education. We believe that nurturing a child in the right direction is the collective responsibility of the parents and the Pre-School. Our teachers remain in constant touch with parents about their child’s needs, skills and achievements, so together we can give the child the best pre-school environment.

    Eurokids – Expert Educators
    • Certified & Experienced
    • Structured
      Teaching Plans
    • Understanding
      Uniqueness of Each Child
    • A Sprinkling of
      Humour & Patience
    • ETAT : EuroKids
      Teacher Assessment Tool
    • Our teachers are certified in Early Childhood Care & Education (E.C.C.Ed) programs, which gives them the fundamental qualifications to help nurture your child. The teachers come with a wealth of experience and dedicate their efforts towards ensuring the progress and well-being of your child.

    • We have daily teaching plans that enable teachers to deliver standardised and structured curriculum. These plans are crafted in a manner to make the learning structured, engaging and full of fun; making the experience for your loved one special.

    • Our teachers have great love and enthusiasm for children. They realize that each child has his/her own unique abilities and are patient with the children to help them learn and grow to their true potential.

    • Our teachers are well experienced to handle children with adequate levels of patience and understanding. Children can often be lively and high-spirited and our teachers use a healthy mix of patience and a humour to connect with each child.

    • The EuroKids Teacher Assessment Tool (ETAT) is our online testing platform that helps us achieve a uniform method in hiring teachers & ensuring that teacher’s skills and competencies are updated periodically so your loved one is always in the best of hands.