• Discover with Buddy

    Our programs are built to provide your child the right stimulation for their age with the right balance of learning & fun to ensure overall development. The programs are designed to encourage curiosity and fuel the creative side of your child.

    Building Brain Power
    Helping children understand sequencing of events, routines and patterns through activities that enhance cognitive skills like counting, anticipation and logical conclusions.

    Nurturing Creativity
    Encourage free expression in your child through painting, singing, story-telling with puppets etc. that makes your little one explore his/her creative ideas.

    Communication Skills
    Structured activities help your child identify and use letters in day to day engagements. It helps in encouraging habit of communication using the right words.

    Developing Reason & Analysis
    Creating scenarios for your child to query, ask open ended questions and encourage usage of senses to explore different play materials at class.

    Developing Lasting Life Skills
    Through various activities we strengthen flexible & lateral thinking in your child that enhance memory building, motor & problem-solving skills.

    Growing a Healthy Body
    Your child will learn to manage & control body movement as well as understand the way the body responds to different requirements with usage of lacing cards, stencils, writing activities and physical play

    Social & Emotional Skills
    Character-building activities help your children identify emotions. We initiate concepts of cooperation, decision making, and independent choices, to improve social skills in your child.