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Unlocking Creativity and Math Skills: Fun Symmetry Activities for Preschoolers

‘Beauty of form arising from balanced proportions.’
At least, that is the definition of the term ‘Symmetry’, in the Merriam-Webster dictionary!

As beautiful as the above definition might sound, it is a tad difficult for even adults to comprehend, leave alone children. However, that doesn’t mean they skip learning about Symmetry!

Symmetry is, in fact, an area of study that can be most beneficial for your little one. Firstly, it is vital in championing their Math skills. This is all the more relevant, as Maths is a subject that is integral in just about any field that children pursue in later years.
Are you ready to learn more about Symmetry? In this article, we have compiled a list of Fun Symmetry Activities for Preschoolers, that are designed towards helping them master Maths Skills.

From Interactive Symmetry Activities to  Hands on Symmetry Activities, these Symmetry Activities for Kids will help drill the concept of Symmetry, well into the minds of eager young learners.
Ready to begin? Let’s get Symmetrical, with a closer look at Symmetry!

Symmetry, Explained

Simply put, ‘Something is Symmetrical when it is the same on both sides.’

Line of Symmetry

A Line of Symmetry can be defined as a line that splits a shape in half, and creates two identical shapes on either side of it.

Cool Fact: ‘Mirror Line’ is another name given to the Line of Symmetry. This is because, when a mirror is placed on it, the reflection will go on to reveal the complete shape.

Another Cool Fact: Did you know, there are some shapes that have multiple lines of symmetry? A classic example of this is a shape we know all too well: The Square. There are actually four lines of symmetry, that you can draw down the shape of a square.

    One going horizontally across the middle

    One going vertically down the middle

    One that goes diagonally from bottom left to right top.

    One that goes diagonally from bottom right to left top.

Symmetry Activities: Fun Symmetry Activities for Preschoolers to Build Math Skills

Are you ready to get down to learning all about the Interactive Symmetry Activities that will help teach kids about Symmetry?

Let’s dive right in!

Complete The Drawing Worksheets

Worksheets might imply ‘Work’, but the reality is, they constitute tons of ‘Play’!

To do: Get your children worksheets that show only ‘one half of a symmetrical image.’ Tell them they have to sketch the other half on their own.

Tip: Make it even more fun for them, by getting them to ‘colour in’ the image when completed, with crayons.

What is Wrong with the Picture?

You won’t have to tell your children that ‘Wrong’ implies ‘Asymmetrical.’ They are too smart and will figure that out on their own!

To do: What you need to do, is draw the image of a face, with the features blown out of proportion, like the following:

    Eyes that are not aligned in a straight Line.

    A mouth not placed in the centre of the face.

    An ear that is larger than the other.

Now ask them, ‘What Is Wrong With the Picture?’

Tip: After they have answered correctly, get them to sketch a new face that now has ‘Symmetrical Features.’

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

We have learned about the Mirror Line. Why not use a ‘Mirror’, to teach kids Symmetry?

To do: Get your child to stand in front of the mirror. Now, tell them they have to use their fingers to draw an ‘imaginary line’ that goes down their body. Then, ask them questions like the following:

    Do both of your hands have the exact same number of fingers?

    Is your left arm shorter than your right arm?

Picture Learning

We learn about the world through the things we see. Even if we don’t see ‘real’ things, we can see ‘pictures’ of them!

To do: Show your kids loads of pictures, to help them better understand the concept of Symmetry. A classic picture to begin with here, would be that of a Butterfly. After all, the patterns that can be found on both the wings, are perfect ‘mirror images’ of each other.

Pictures of other things that you can show your child: Starfish, Snowflakes, Cats.

Nature Symmetry Fun

Want to teach your child about Symmetry? Take them out for a walk!

To Do: Take your child to the local park. That is one of the best places you can get your kids to explore the concept of Symmetry. For instance, you can get them to fold a leaf in two, and ask them whether it is Symmetrical or not. Then, you can ask them to try the same with a twig lying on the ground!

Making Faces with Paper Plates

Getting children to indulge in sensory activities is one way to get them to learn faster!

Things you will need:

    Paper plates
    Liquid glue
    Pieces of coloured paper

To Do: Give your children paper plates, and have them decorate these ‘faces’ using the materials of their choice. Needless to say, they must create two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Note: The last thing you want to do here, is dissuade your child by focusing too much on ‘precision.’ As long as they follow a decent sense of symmetry while placing the materials to create the ‘face characteristics’, they will have accomplished this task well.

Folding Paper Cut-Outs

All children love folding paper, like they do when they make paper rockets!

To do: Get them to fold paper cut-outs of different shapes, like diamonds and circles. What they have to do is check if the sides match, when they fold those shapes down the middle.

We at EuroKids, encourage you to get your kids to practice learning Symmetry, as much as they can. It helps them get all the more Creative, and design their own Patterns. Moreover, it is a unique way to bring Life and Geometry together. Indeed, a way that is both Fun and Meaningful

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