How to Teach Preschoolers at Home


It has been rightly said that playing is our brain’s favourite way of learning. There are many activities for kids that can assist them in learning by playing. You know art is something that makes you breathe with a different type of happiness. So, every parent should promote arts and crafts activities for their kids. During Autumn, we see lots of leaves here and there on the ground. These leaves in various tones look so beautiful that you don’t have the heart to discard them. Children love playing with leaves, and if your child is creative, you can make different things like cards, lamps, and crowns utilising these leaves. It will aid him or her to comprehend a new way of doing something with leaves and give their imagination wings. Let your kids enjoy making different things such as animals, crowns, lanterns, and leave-books with these leaves.

How to make leaf art?

Leaf art is simple, yet interesting. You don’t have to do much. You can purchase a book on leaf art, or can check any ebook on the internet for more understanding, or you can follow these simple steps:-

  • Collect some dead leaves of different shapes and sizes, and even of different colours, if possible.

  • Keep these leaves between some heavy books for 2 days.

  • After this, draw some animals figures with the assistance of sketch pens or a shading marker

  • Now, you have to stick those leaves on the animal figures that you have made.

Apart from these, kids can make leaf crown with the help of the following steps:-

  • You simply need a hairband and some colourful leaves.

  • After this, begin sticking the leaves on the hairband with some glue.

  • You can cut the leaves as per your need.

  • Leave it for 1 hour, and your crown is ready!

Similarly, you can collect different types of leaves and make various other things. All these are part of a preschool activity for kids. It is essential for a child’s overall personality development.

Which home activities are easy and engaging for kids?

A home is a place where a child gathers grace. Home is the only place where a child’s first education starts. There are many preschool activities for kids which you should try with your kids. Focus is fundamental for everything. Absence of focus influences scholastics, as well as other activities. You can engage them in playing chess. It will help in increasing concentration power. Every kid loves colours. Art is indeed an incredible vehicle for kids to express their creative mind. So you can ask your kids to do painting or ask them to read funny story books as it will boost their imagination and creative skills. Play with them games like jigsaw puzzles and spend time with them. Teach them gardening. Before you enrol your kids in some good offline or online playschool, try the above-mentioned activities.

Preschool Activities for kids at home

Preschoolers learn things very quickly. They gain knowledge from the time they wake up in the morning until night. The essential way preschoolers look over the world is through play! Some of the preschool activities for parents to do at home are as follows:-

  1. The naming of numbers and alphabets:

    One of the simple and crucial activities among all is to make your kid name numbers and alphabets. This small activity will make them pre-ready for their offline or online preschool instantly.

  2. Practising hand control:

    Help them in writing those numbers and alphabets. It will aid them to set their hands while writing.

  3. Learning papercraft:

    Like drawing, papercraft additionally permits your youngster to express and are valuable in upgrading imagination. One of the primary benefits is that, by utilising old papers and books, you can teach your kid the art of reusing.

  4. Gross motor beach ball games:

    This gross engine inflatable ball game offers preschoolers the chance to investigate various physical abilities. You can play this game on your lawn. Bounce the ball and ask your children to catch it with one hand.

  5. Dancing:

    Everyone loves to dance, be it a child or an adult. Do you know? Dance is the language of the soul. Motivate your children to dance in their own way and in their own loving tune without any judgement. It will aid them to stay mentally and physically fit.


During these testing times, we don’t have any other option other than staying at home. So, while staying at your home, teach your kids some good preschool activities and make them ready for online kindergarten. Try all the above-mentioned Preschool activities for kids at home. Through these activities, you can engage youngsters in indoor activities and foster every one of the key abilities. Also, you will invest quality time and bond better with your kid.

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