Is Early Childhood
Education important?

90% of brain development happens before the age of 6. Hence, early childhood education is the key to a flying start for every child.
Here’s what your child could miss out without early schooling at the right age.

Improved social skills

No need for special education instruction

Better marks and enhanced attention spans

Fewer behavioural problems

Development milestones achieved

Better language development

Reduced discipline issues

Increased social interactions

Better life success

Getting highly skilled jobs

4 times more likely to graduate with high grades

Does online education
work for toddlers?

Absolutely! The only way to ensure uninterrupted learning today is by learning online. EuroKids is best equipped to conduct online with our proven online early school program, we emulate classroom learning with a host of features in the HomeBuddy App.

EuroKids Early School Edge


Developed By
Child Psychologists


20 Years

3 Lac +

20,000 Hrs
Curriculum Research

Awards Won

6 Lac + Hours
In Training Our Partners

With over 20 years of preschool expertise, EuroKids Child-First teaching ideology is proven to provide holistic development for your child, even in an online environment.

EuroKids HomeBuddy App for Online Learning

Trust only the experts for online learning, our HomeBuddy app is built to make learning from home interactive, effective and fun. The app ensures uninterrupted learning with a curriculum designed specifically for online classes, and host of features like Weekly Learning Plans, Recorded Lessons, DIY activities, Parent Corner, Fun Zones and more.


All you need to know about
preschooling & online learning

Online Learning at its best,
with our HomeBuddy app
and learning kits

26,000 Toddlers

Learnt online using the
HomeBuddy app in 2020

80% Parents

have seen clear academic
progress in their child

75% + Happy Parents

Willing to recommend EuroKids

Parents across India trust EuroKids Pre-School Expertise

Choose the right EuroKids programs to get started online

1.8 - 3 Years :Playgroup

Hands-on discovery and exploration with exclusive EuroKids kits

Developing language skills

Encouraging learning of new age skills

Engaging children physically, emotionally and socially

Shaping scientific thought in children

Shaping scientific thought in children

2.5 - 4 Years :Nursery

Imparts essential life skills

Enhances learning and interaction through fun with exclusive EuroKids kits

Cultivates creativity & Develops curiosity

Improves imagination through Art and Music

3.5 - 5 Years :EuroJunior

Special activities for developing language skills

Age appropriate learning with exclusive EuroKids learning tools

Encourages children to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings Allows children to grow at their own pace

4.5 - 6 Years :EuroSenior

Building & enhancing vocabulary

Developing attention span

Innovative methods to enhance reading & writing with exclusive EuroKids Kits

Preparing children for primary school

At the heart of our preschooling child-first ideology is Eunoia - a mindful curriculum that enables holistic development of your child’s mind, body and soul

Proprietary Programs

A fitness program especially curated for EuroKids by Health Set Go, India’s largest ISO certified school health organisation. All sessions are based on the Health Set Go Play-Fitness Curriculum designed by international trainers to develop various motor skills, body strength, mind to muscle connection, a strong athletic base and a love for fitness.

A specially designed program for EuroKids by Shraddha Setalvad, Founder and Director of Yoga for Kids in School. Yoga in EuroKids is introduced to help children use their body in a healthy way through breathing, awareness, meditation and healthy movement.

A unique outcome-based music program in collaboration with SING. PLAY. LOVE. It includes engaging songs, picture books and music videos to teach young children important skills for early learning and KinderGarten readiness. The program utilises music and play-filled activities to help children learn and practice skills for social and emotional development, language and literacy.

MindFulness helps children focus on the present instead of focusing on the past or future. It helps them use their bodies to ground attention and anchor present moment awareness. MindFulness is a great tool to help children develop self-regulation, manage emotions and improve concentration. It helps to calm down and become aware of the present.

The language-based program provides a reading foundation based on the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Phonics approach teaches to decode words by sounds, rather than recognising whole words

The program provides an opportunity to discover mathematics by doing it. Math activities help visualise, manipulate, reason out and understand concepts. The hands-on, first-hand experience helps to understand abstract math concepts through concrete objects and repeated experience.

Science is a way of understanding the world around us based on observation, investigation, prediction, evidence and reasoning. Scientific thinking is all about finding and discovering new truths. Thinking like a scientist is based on asking and answering questions.

Building a safe ecosystem for early learning, online now and in the classroom later.

Read about our COVID-19 protocols once classroom sessions begin

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Teacher Training & Assessment
Marketing & Operational Support
Lead Management Support
Rewards & Recognitions

India's Most Awarded Pre-School Group

Times Education Icon in the Top Preschool Category

Most Trusted Brand

Best Early Education Innovation Curriculum

Preschool Franchisor of the year

Best Companies to Work for 2015

Best Educations Brand

India Education Awards 2017

Brand Academy Education Excellence Awards

India Education Awards 2016

India Power Brand 2016

Franchise Awards 2015

EuroKids Best Nursery
and Preschool in India

As the pandemic rages on, and we fight the second wave of the coronavirus, we are sure you are getting concerned about your kid’s education. While we understand that sending them back to school is not the best idea - we also believe that nothing should stop a child from getting the education they deserve. That is why we have brought EuroKids Preschool to your homes. EuroKids is the best nursery and preschool in India. We cannot risk everyone’s lives by opening our classrooms, but we can make a difference by opting for virtual classes for kids. After all, homeschooling has a brand new twist.

Online preschool and home schooling for kids

Of course you will be concerned about the screentime for children. Because while online preschool and home schooling for kids sounds lovely, it also increases a lot of worry for parents: increased screen time, the internet, the ability to join these classes from personal computers. Not to worry, EuroKids had thought that through. Our teaching modules allow students to actually learn while having fun. Even if the learning is online and we are not exactly the day care centre you have been looking for.

Best Day Care centre and playschool for kids

EuroKids has been the best day care centre and playschool for kids. There is no reason why we cannot continue being the best playschool there is for kids. A virtual classroom will allow your children to learn and also interact with other children their age. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll your children in a EuroKids program today!

Online admission for preschool and nursery

The online admission for our preschool and nursery is now open. You can find the required files and forms on our website. The pandemic bringing about the lockdown has robbed us of a lot of normalcy. There is no reason why your child’s education should be one of the hostages. Admit your child into a EuroKids program right now.