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EuroKids Sapling


EuroKids Saplings is a unique offering from EuroKids International Ltd, India’s No. 1 Pre-School Chain. As the pioneer and leader in the branded pre-school segment in India, with a decade long experience in educating more than 1,30,000 students through its network of 884 preschools in 311 towns and cities in India, EuroKids International Limited (EIL), is instrumental in contributing path breaking changes to the pre-primary education system in India. EuroKids Saplings is born to cater to the pre primary education needs of the main line schools throughout the nation.

EuroKids Saplings is a response to the changing needs of the time. Early child care and pre-primary education has been a very important aspect of the education system across the world. An ideal pre-primary education must be well structured with an age appropriate curriculum; must be imparted in a stimulating learning environment with highly involved teachers. It is being felt, even more strongly, that pre-primary education should be stress free and non formal. This is strongly recommended by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and advocated, for long, by global organisations like UNESCO and UNICEF. EuroKids Saplings provides the main line schools with the expertise of the Pre-School specialist that benefits the school as well as the child in equal measure.

EuroKids Saplings is presently associated with 100+ main line schools across India. Main line schools are being offered with a rewarding opportunity to grow and succeed. The unique association concept provides schools with complete know-how to operate a successful Pre-School.

Benefits to the school:

bullet The goodwill of EuroKids, India’s largest Pre-School chain.
bullet An age-appropriate structured pre-primary curriculum broken down till day-plan levels, for seamless implementation.
bullet Training and assessment of teachers and staffs on a regular basis.
bullet A Standard Operating Manual (SOP) for smooth daily operations and an ambience manual for implementing standard designs as per EuroKids Saplings.
bullet Constant professional inputs to improve quality, performance levels and operational effectiveness.
This unique offering benefits the children in the pre-primary division in the following ways:
bullet A stress-free environment that blends learning with fun.
bullet Colourful and stimulating classrooms.
bullet An opportunity to explore and learn by doing.
bullet Well trained teachers and minders.
EuroKids Saplings assists in the transformation of a school’s pre-primary division, leading it towards excellence, placing it a step ahead of the others.